mark on desktop

  angie79 21:46 17 May 2006

i have a screen saver pic on my pc which has a mark on it. I have changed the pic and the mark is still there. i have changed my profile and the mark goes. any idea's?

  Giggle n' Bits 01:29 18 May 2006

monitor resoloution setting and other profile has the correct setting.
Like if you Right click on clear area in the desktop ans select properties then select settings ideally 800x600 or 1280x1024 with either a 16bit or 32 Bit colour set. Then there is the refresh rate by clicking on advanced then adpater if you have a TFT then 60Hz is ok if a CRT then 70 - 75Hz.

When posting please try and give more detail about the system, which windows, have you got a dedicated Graphics card or is the VGA Onboard.

  DieSse 09:52 18 May 2006

It would be helpful if you describe what you mean by a mark - big, little, colour, is in still there when your word processor is on screen - shape of mark, where on the screen - etc, etc.

  ACOLYTE 11:17 18 May 2006

Is this mark on the pic or the monitor?,if its the pic then changing this should move the mark,changing your profile may only hide the mark as it may show better with certain color's.

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