Mapping to a new computer but password needed??

  CLB 12:52 12 Sep 2006

I had two computers on a network and all working fine, both could see each other & share printers.
We got a third one which I have mapped drives on to it for the other two computers and have accessed their printers but when I have gone on to the original two and tried to map to the new computer & printers I get a user / password protection appear? I haven't put on a password protection and have tried admin / administrator and 'password' but have had no joy?
Can anyone help please?

  ade.h 13:01 12 Sep 2006

That is expected behaviour, but you are not going to get anywhere by entering parameters that do not exist.... If you have not changed the Admin password, it is blank on a Home OS (a Pro OS will prompt for its creation during initial OS setup) so you must create a password for it and make the account accessible. You could use another passworded power user account, but the Admin account works best. Then you enter those deatils whenever you attempt to browse the mapped drive from another client's Network Places folder.

  CLB 14:20 12 Sep 2006

Ok, as the two existing are Windows XP Home, is that why I could just map straight away? As the new one is Windows XP Pro I need to set an account up and that is why it is prompting this?
So I need to set the account on the New (XP Pro) computer and then when prompted it will be this?

  ade.h 15:09 12 Sep 2006

No, you may have misunderstood me slightly. Pro has its Admin account enabled and passworded by default - it is set during the initial setup process, as I said - so you'll need to enter whatever password you chose when you installed/configured XP Pro. If it was pre-installed, it will have asked you to go through the initial setup process. Also bear in mind that Pro has higher default security parameters than Home; many of these can be found in Admin Tools/Local Security Policy.

  CLB 15:30 12 Sep 2006

It was pre-installed as we got the computer from a company as they have an application installed on it which is used by our business.
I have spoken to them and they said they haven't and don't set any passwords on the computer as it's just the application they use.
So will I have to go through the initial setup process? And how do I do this?

  ade.h 15:52 12 Sep 2006

"So will I have to go through the initial setup process?" No, not at all. Run control userpasswords2 (exactly as typed) and set a password for the Admin account. Make sure that it is enabled.

  CLB 16:15 12 Sep 2006

May sound dumb but click 'start' then 'run' and type 'control userpasswords2' and set the password?

  ade.h 16:30 12 Sep 2006


  CLB 12:45 13 Sep 2006

All works, thanks for your help

  ade.h 13:04 13 Sep 2006

Glad I could help!

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