mapping a hard drive.....whats this?

  pcgal 11:23 23 Mar 2003

Hi, I've recently networked 2 computers at home (both xp pro) and I'm sharing files and the internet no problem. I intended to have a go backing up the computers to each others hard drives using norton ghost.
I keep receiving messages asking me to map the drives.......can anyone tell me what hdd mapping is? or can you suggest an informative website.
thanks anyone..pcgal

  LyricalG 12:16 23 Mar 2003

Can I just ask what method did you use to network them?

  Forum Editor 12:37 23 Mar 2003

1. open 'My Network Places', select 'Entire Network', and then double-click on the workgroup name (the default is simply the "Workgroup" setting). In either case, the computers on your network should appear as icons.

2. Double-click the icon for the computer containing the drive you want to map. All shared resources (drives, folders, and printers) should appear as icons.

3. Right-click on the drive or folder you wish to map.

4. Select Map Network Drive. A window pops up with a default drive letter to use for the mapped drive. (You can scroll the field to select from other available drive letters.)

5. Click the 'Reconnect at Logon' box if you want the drive to be mapped to your machine every time you restart and log on to the network.

6.Click OK.

That's it - open My Computer. The mapped drive should appear as an icon with the selected drive letter.

  Forum Editor 12:39 23 Mar 2003

Drive mapping can save time and mouse clicks. When you map a network drive to your local machine, a single command replaces the many clicks previously needed to find a device and/or folder. You get where you want to go in one click, and the operating system doesn't have to check your whole network to figure out what fits your request.

Don't forget - you can't map a drive unless it has sharing already enabled - so do that before you start.

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