Maplins, wrong item sent

  mahalo 19:30 15 Aug 2007

I ordered an external hard drive worth £49.99, and recieved a black plastic box worth £3.41 !.
I have emailed them four times, they have answered twice asking me to open the box ??? (The size it is would not hold a cd, hard drive and cable etc )
and totell them what is it before they can issue me with a returns number. This is what I have done and now I have had no reply, if I did send it back would I be refunded with £49.99 or £3.41 ?
Can anyone advise me what to do now?, do they think I am "tryng it on", believe me I am not, all I want is the drive to backup my photos.
Any help would be appreciated.Than you

  Graham. 19:37 15 Aug 2007

Is there not a branch nearby?

  Stuartli 19:39 15 Aug 2007

I suspect the request to open the parcel is because they might think someone is trying to pull a fast one - once they know exactly what has been sent they will know what to receive when you return it.

I'm not suggesting in any way that you are trying it on.

  octal 19:40 15 Aug 2007

Do you have copies of the emails confirming the item you purchased? If you do send the box back to them along with the emails, asking to rectify them problem and ask them to send the correct item and reimburse the postage.

It's a clear mistake, till you send them the facts they won't do anything about it. Don't worry about the returns number, you have proof enough of ordering the correct item and them sending the incorrect item.

Keep all copies of correspondence.

  Smiler 19:45 15 Aug 2007

I tend to agree with Graham here and go to a nearby branch.

  Smiler 19:46 15 Aug 2007

PS what does the delivery note say is in the box?

  umbongo(uk) 20:10 15 Aug 2007

could you find the product on the maplins site and link it for us .so we can have a look at what you ordered

mainly because i think you may have got a laptop size external hdd and these are 1/2 the size of normal just over the size of your palm

  mahalo 20:11 15 Aug 2007

I have sent all details, part numbers, order number, customber number, everything four times.
The delivery note says "Samsung hard drive" It is clearly the wrong item, the box is 3" x 3"
that rattle because it has brass hinges inside. I checked the item number that is on the box, on the website and that is what it is. I have checked my account with Maplins, my order record says I purchased a hard drive, not that I got it,
and yes I have copies of the emails. Thank you for your replies an help, as an oap I cannot afford to be out of pocket by £50. I really dont know what to do next, Cheers

  umbongo(uk) 20:14 15 Aug 2007

this it

click here

  mahalo 20:21 15 Aug 2007

no, it's a 250 gb Samsung external hard drive, it was on the home page last wednesday but it's not there now. My delivery note says Samsung hard drive 250gb.

  umbongo(uk) 20:58 15 Aug 2007

ok from reading maplins delivery bunf i take it you recieved it by royal snail

as for the will you get your money back


unless they want to offer a credit note
after reading their site the credit note is only redeamable in store or by sending it thru mail

if you can take photos of what you received
and add them to the email this will show them more detail

keep sending them emails and badgering them

you do right not opening it if it looks iffy unless you took photos of before n after
if it was royal mail i have a feeling someones done a switch
the site says the delivery note is inside the box you recieve not external
taken from maps help section //Are Receipts sent with deliveries?

Yes, all receipts are sent with deliveries, you will find them inside your package when your delivery arrives.

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