Many windows opening?

  Cara2 12:49 11 Oct 2006

Diffficult to explain but for instance if I were to open Sage accounting and imput my password many windows of the programme opens each time I try to log on. (i.e. I place my cursor in the required place and begin to type)

Really wierd. am not sure if it is just Sage which causes this. I can sometimes get many windows of the internet opening also.

I have cleaned and reformatted my computer and run AVG which has detected no virus.

I have altered the setting on my keyboard but to no avail.

I can, eventually log on sucessfully, but only having closed down and rebooted comp.

Any ideas?


  Technotiger 14:38 11 Oct 2006

Hi, has this only just started? If so, and you are using XP, I would suggest doing a System Restore back to a time when all was ok.


  terryf 14:41 11 Oct 2006

Have you looked at your mouse settings to see if it is too sensitive ? sounds daft but problems can arise when you think that you have only clicked once but PC sees more than one

  Cara2 15:00 11 Oct 2006

Tried system restore to no avail, before doing a clean install.

Ah, have altered setting on keyboard, but not mouse. Will try that thanks.


  Sethhaniel 15:20 11 Oct 2006

test your keyboard also
it could have a key jammed down
or sticking when hit

  Cara2 19:17 11 Oct 2006

Sethhaniel, researching another problem for my son - I inadvertently came across your suggestion made by someone else. (can't remember who made it - may have been you?) during my search of previous helpline threads.

I have now come back to my thread to report a fix and found this is your suggestion too! Problem now seems solved.

Thanks everyone.


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