Many Questions About Upgrades....

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 20:12 27 Jan 2003

Set-up As follows:

AMD Athlon 1000Mhz Socket A CPU with Coolermaster Fan
512MB DDR333 PC2700 RAM
MSI KT4 Ultra - SR Motherboard with optional S & D Brackets
Liteon 52246S CD-RW (52x24x52)
Samsung 12x DVD-ROM
MSi Nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4200 GFX Card (AGP 4x, 41.09 Drivers)
Seagate Barracuda 40Gb as master on IDE1
Maxtor Diamond Max 7200rpm 60Gb Drive as slave on IDE1
Creative SoundBlaster 5.1 Digital PCI
Creative DTT2200 5.1 Surround Speakers
Enermax CS-305 Black Case with Side window
Windows Xp Proffessional (no SP1)

A 350w Powerup powersupply (one that comes with the enermax cs-305 case)

Several Questions:

I thinking of changing the processor to an athlon xp. With one should i get? And why is that those processors which have the 333FSB are nearly £90 more expensive??? Does matching the fsb speed to your memeory speed increase peformance too?

Is my current powersupply sufficient for my setup?
Is this PSW any good_ Q-Tec 550w Dual Fan (that is quite cheap)
And why is this one much more expensive? Enermax 460w

using Fuzzy logic 4, the temp displayed is mostly 55-64. Is this too high? And can someone please explian how i find out the full load temps etc.

GFX Cards.
I have the 128MB agp 4x MSI GeForce4 ti4200 card running at 250 core/459 clock usign the MSIO clock tab in desktop properties. Can this safely go any higher?

USB Ports.
On my M/B i can get the top two ports to work fine, but not the bottom two. How come. I have the bracket installed also with the extra 2 usb ports - does this have something to do with it?

Thanks in advance.

  Rayuk 20:23 27 Jan 2003

Latest cpus are always at a premium I would wait for the next batch to come out,rumours that the Bartons are due out mid Feb should drop the price for the 333fsb cpus.
Is it an Enermax psu??if so you should be ok.
Temps are a little high but then the earlier Athlons ran hotter anyway.As long as its not causing problems dont worry.
Re overclocking graphics card if you increase very slowly till problems start then cut back.
USB have you got the connecters in the right way??

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 20:28 27 Jan 2003

the USB connectors are built into the M/B (MSI KT4 Ultra SR - click here )

Does 333fsb over 266fsb make much of a difference in performance and it that fsb related to the speed of your RAM?

  Rayuk 20:41 27 Jan 2003

Have you enabled the usb in bios[under Integrated Peripherals. I have an MSI[K7T266Pro2] board and you have to enable it in the bios.

  .:º»[RjA]«º:. 20:50 27 Jan 2003

Did that before hand.

  temp003 09:03 28 Jan 2003

Agree with Rayuk over premium for latest CPU.

The FSB is the channel of data transfer between the CPU and memory. If the FSB speed is slower than the memory, the FSB channel becomes a theoretical bottleneck. So there's a bit of waiting time.

Switching to a 333MHz FSB, to be used with DDR333, will remove the bottleneck. But you will see an improvement only if your applications require a data transfer rate which exceeds what a 266MHz FSB can offer (which is a max of 2.1GB/s). These days, probably.

The Barton should also run at 2x166MHz, but with an L2 cache of 512KB, like the P4. Should be compatible with existing Socket A motherboards. As Rayuk says, ETA Feb.

Then the Clawhammer will come out, possibly with a base frequency of 200MHz and have an internal memory controller integrated into the CPU which runs at the CPU frequency, and other goodies like HyperTransport. Will need a new motherboard. Possibly 2nd quarter. But AMD has pushed back the release dates of these CPUs so many times.

Not suggesting you should get the Barton or Clawhammer. Just that your existing specs are very respectable. No urgent need to buy the latest CPU. Usually more sensible to get the 3rd down the ladder onwards. If you want to get a 333FSB CPU, wait for a couple of new versions to come out first.

  goonerbill 11:27 28 Jan 2003

psu- qtec are quiet good, have 400 watt in my pc.

msi ti4200- right click on screen, properties, to get into display properties, if ya have loaded the msi drivers correctly the is a tab called msi clock. use this utility for overclocking ya graphics card, do it manually or use the auto option.

  Rayuk 18:15 28 Jan 2003

Which bracket have you installed,the only reason I can see is something to do with the Bluetooth
if you have this installed you will lose usb functions.

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