Many problems after defragmenting my laptop.

  SteveW1985 20:47 13 Oct 2005

I defragmented my laptop about a month ago, and ever since it has had the following problems:-

it takes ages to load up after i switch it on, each time it loads up it scans my c drive for problems, but this in itself takes about a day to do, whereas before the defrag it took about 30 seconds. When I'm playing media player and other simulataneous programs, the music or whatever is playing crackles. I can't download or open files on the internet, and I can't view videos or anything which requires 'Flash' on a website, preventing me from viewing the website to its ful extent.

In general everything is much slower, even though my laptop has more memory now than it id before the defrag.

Please help.

  Totally-braindead 20:50 13 Oct 2005

I think its probably a coincidence, I haven't see a defrag causing this sort of problem.
Which anti-virus program do you have, is it updated and have you run a scan recently. Also do you have adaware and have you updated and run that. What operating system do you have 98, ME or XP.

  SteveW1985 21:01 13 Oct 2005

I use Windows XP. I have ad-aware and the free AVG anti-virus program. I just ran a check with AVG and it showed no problems. As for the ad-aware I've done a scan but this hasn't corrected anything, and I can't download the latest version because of the problem with my laptop since the defrag.

  VoG II 21:05 13 Oct 2005

Try a repair of XP click here

  SteveW1985 22:26 13 Oct 2005

I don't have an XP disc to do that. I tried a system restore but it will not restore to any date I try, and this has somehow rendered my anti-virus as 'out of date', so now I can't update that because I can't download things anymore.

  SteveW1985 22:27 13 Oct 2005

Someone must have an answer, help!!!

  wee eddie 00:36 14 Oct 2005

What software came with the Machine?

Do you have any backups?

  p;3 00:51 14 Oct 2005

the AVG is "out of date"? have you checked to see what date your lap top is set to? and correct it if it is wrong

and , to me , it sounds as though, perhaps you DO open it, you have never actually shut it down properly? so it is rescanning its drive each time it is opened

will it allow itself to be opened and run in safe mode?

  SteveW1985 15:29 16 Oct 2005

Yes it will do all that and the time is set correctly.

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