Manufacturers Vs Replacement Ink Cartridges.

  craneman01 11:20 17 Aug 2005

Have just invested in a new Canon printer. Have heard varying anecdotes regarding "don't use ink that isn't made by the manufacturer as it harms the machine" to "Yes, use replacement ink as it's just the manufacturers trying to scare you into buying their products"
Does anyone have an insight into the quandry ?


  Pooke 11:59 17 Aug 2005

I kinds believed it may harm the printer, however.

My epson c66 cost £60 when new. Compatible carts cost £2 each so thats £8 for a complete set where as the originals are arount £20 each so that's a whopping £80 to replace the inks, 25% more than what the printer originally cost.

Hence the reason I have been using compatibles.


  recap 12:42 17 Aug 2005

While the printer is still under warranty, I would recommend that you use the manufactures own cartridges. If something went wrong with the printer whilst still under warranty the manufacture would not help if you have used compatables. After the warranty period then it's up to the user which to use.

  Aspman 13:42 17 Aug 2005

I've only ever used compatable for my Canon MP360, never had a problem and saved a fortune. No.24 black and No.24 colour from Cartex. Not always the same brand that is delivered and colours are not as strong but for everyday printing it's fine for me. Anything important I could switch to OEM carts.

I have had problems with Epson compatables (long time ago) and refills for an HP (just didn't work very messy).

If you are wary Recaps advice is sound. You may well invalidate your warranty.

  Stuartli 14:12 17 Aug 2005

I recently returned a printer to Canon (or rather its third party repair offshoot) as it was playing up and nothing would cure it for more than a few days.

I was informed that using compatible cartridges and/or refill inks had been the cause.

However, when I pointed out that I had been using just two major brands of compatible inks and/or cartridges in the printer for nearly 10 years (apart from the original Canon set supplied with the printer), it all went very quiet at the other end of the phone line....:-)

  Happy Soul 15:22 17 Aug 2005

Plus in the highly unlikely event that one of our cartridges damages your printer, we will collect, repair or replace your printer free of charge - that's all part of our 100% no quibble guarantee.

Convinced? then click here

  The Old Mod 15:44 17 Aug 2005

Only ever use compatible inks, never had a problem with any of the printers that I've used over the years. The saving that you make on ink, would even if a problem occured, be enough to go and buy another printer!

  961 15:53 17 Aug 2005

Unless you are wanting to print photos of the highest quality then compatibles or remanufactured are the only sensible financial way to go

More important than worrying about quality of the ink is to ensure that if the printer is kept in a reasonably warm room, you print a full colour page every few days to prevent the ink drying on the nozzles. That applies whatever ink you use

  Completealias 16:41 17 Aug 2005

Like Pooke I have an epson in my case a C64 if I wanted to replace all the inks with epson ones t would cost me around 20 for each ink and there are 4 cartridges in my printer so thats 80 which is what I paid for the printer in the first place.

I just got 2 complete sets from SVP for 6 quid what can I say.

I have noticed some slight differences with the colour but for everyday printing its fine and I couldn't aford to run the thing if I used epson inks.

  pj123 17:18 17 Aug 2005

The following is part of a response of mine about Epson printers.

"I only know that a friend of mine has the Epson 1290 A3 printer and has won 3 first awards in photographic competitions with prints from this printer".

He is using compatible ink and glossy A3 paper from Choice Stationery. (link above).

I have 3 Epson printers and have only used compatible ink (once the originals have run out). Never had a problem. As Happy Soul has said, Choice give a guarantee but I have never had any reason to use it. I have also had an Epson C42U printer replaced by Epson due to a fault (not ink). I was not asked whether I was using Epson ink or compatible ink. It was replaced within two days.

  craneman01 18:20 17 Aug 2005

The new canon is an Ip8500 with 8 separate tanks. Hence my query. 8 x manufacturers prices comes to big hole in pocket

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