Manually setting up broadband

  hargranules 11:53 26 Jun 2006

An trying to set - up talk talk broadband for someone. They do not have cd (long story) so am trying to install from scratch.

I have installed speedtouch 330 modem no problems, but am a bit confused about the settings. Talk Talk website is useless just refers to cd all the time.

Is there a really simple guide of how to set up, what to tick what not to tick that kind of thing.

Please help!!!!!

  woodchip 13:03 26 Jun 2006

Do you know how to get into the setup page? if not I would use the Wizard in Control Panel\Networking New Connection. You will need user name ISP and Password

  hargranules 13:06 26 Jun 2006

Have user name and password. How would i find out isp. I have DNS server as

Been going to internet connections and then set up new connection. Then says connect to find isp providers in your area but come up with error each time.

  woodchip 13:22 26 Jun 2006

It will come up with error as it does not have the User or Password name to check with. That why I said use the Setup New Connection Wizard in Networking For ISP just put in TalK Talk

  woodchip 13:24 26 Jun 2006

They should have given all the info you need including your E-Mail address

  hargranules 13:26 26 Jun 2006

so i should be using network connection wizard not internet connection wizard. This is where i was going wrong.

  woodchip 13:26 26 Jun 2006

Have you looked hear under Help & Support click here

  woodchip 13:28 26 Jun 2006

click here

on the right on setting up

  hargranules 13:34 26 Jun 2006

can't find that bit but have found a bit that has vpi details etc. so i should be able to set - up through network connection wizard.

  hargranules 13:43 26 Jun 2006

can i just confirm! I go to control panel. Then Network connections and then set up a new connection????

  woodchip 16:57 26 Jun 2006

Yes that's where it should be

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