Manual Virus Removal Help. Please!!

  alexgray104 15:47 01 Jan 2006

I am currently working on a computer that has been infected by THREE viruses, called Trojan.DesktopHiJack, TrojanStartpage and Trojan.Alemond. Norton AntiVirus 2005 found these but cannot fix and/or delete them. AVG Free Edition doesn't even pick them up. So I now face the task of manually removeing them, this is where I need help. I have browsed through Explorer and found the infected files (oleadm.dll, se.dll and wininet.dll) and now need how to manually remove the individual viruses from them. Thanks in advance for your much appreciated help.

  PaulB2005 15:56 01 Jan 2006

Those files ARE the viruses.

Adaware click here
SpyBot click here
SpywareBlaster click here

and if running XP try MS AntiSpyware click here

  Number 7 15:58 01 Jan 2006

Trojan.DesktopHiJack click here

TrojanStartpage click here

Trojan.Alemond click here

  PaulB2005 15:58 01 Jan 2006

Also try scanning with Norton in Safe Mode.

  colberly 16:00 01 Jan 2006

click here it should remove the trojans as well as any virus found. Turn off system restore, though you will lose all your restore points, then turn it on again afterwards and scan again.

  alexgray104 16:12 01 Jan 2006

Thanks for the response - just so I know what I'm doing; I turn off System Restore (done) and then delete the files aforementioned. Thanks.

  malwarehater 16:16 01 Jan 2006

The best prog i've ever seen for dealing with ANYTHING like this is PC Tools "Spyware Doctor" have to purchase it at around £15 but this is BY FAR the best out of ANY of the other progs.

I have tried all the prog's below with varying success:

SpyBot S+D
Spyware Blaster
MS AntiSpyware

None of them have removed every problem EVERY TIME.

The only prog i have found that i've had 100% success EVERY TIME with is "Spyware Doctor".

This prog can't be recommended highly enough as far as i'm concerned...It's awesome.

  alexgray104 16:25 01 Jan 2006

You mentioned that the infected files WERE the virueses, so can I just delete those files. Also in the links Number 7 gave me it says they have made changes to the registry - how can I put this right (anybody). Thanks for the great repsonse so far. :-)

  alexgray104 16:31 01 Jan 2006


  Number 7 16:42 01 Jan 2006

If NAV 2005 is on the machine and funtioning properly it should remove this stuff.

1. Disable System Restore

2. Restart in Safe Mode and run NAV2005 (I'm assuming you've run it in Normal Mode because of the message that it can't delete some file- this is to be expected. Delete what it finds.

3. Restart in Normal Mode and use Regedit to remove the registry entries as detailed in the above links.

That should be it.

  PaulB2005 16:49 01 Jan 2006

I would not just delete the files. The problem is there is more to removing these programs than just removing a bunch of files. Some of the products mentioned will also undo various settings that have been changed by the Malware.

Start with the free programs i listed and see how you get on.

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