manual print head alignment, what does it mean?

  ARTY DAN 11:14 12 Jul 2003

I have read the review on the Computer Buyer
website for the Canon i550 printer, one of the
annoying things the reviewer found was it had
manual print head alignment. I have also read
the review for the Epson C82 on the Computer
Shopper website one thing that counts against
it is the fact it doesn't have automatic print
head alignment, it was a very detailed and
fussy process to go through all the tests.
The C82 has everything I am looking for but the
non automatic print head alignment is
something I need to clarify before making the
purchase. Does anyone know what this means and
is it a major hassle I would appreciate your
help, thank you.

Arty Dan

  Falkyrn 12:26 12 Jul 2003

Its no real hassle ... a number of test prints are made, after each you choose what appears to you to be the best configuration .. usually a maximum of three/four prints often only two

  toxin 14:30 16 Jul 2003


I posted your query on Canon's website as I own a BJC8200, and was interested to find out what it meant; their reply follows, hope it helps!!

Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding your Canon product.

The Print Head Alignment function allows the user to select the best Print Head Positioning and eliminate any related errors.
When initiated a number of grids will be printed. The user has the option of choosing the grid or square unblemished by lines or the fullest in terms of color. The choice is keyed into the driver selecting a horizontal (-3 to +7) or Bi-directional alignment (-5 to +5) reference. Eg +1 andû1.

We hope this information is of use to you. However, should you require any further technical assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us quoting your Incident number.

  -pops- 14:43 16 Jul 2003

Far better to use your own judgement in aligning printheads. Remember YOU can actually see the result, an automatic aligner works on signals received and could be way out of line even if it tells you it's right.

as has been said, it only takes a few prints and answering a few questions. Also, with printers with permanent heads, it's a one off operation (unless something drastic happens).

I've had a C80 (precursor to the C82) for ages and I aligned it when I first set it up and that was it.

If a reviewer finds something like that annoying, how does he cope with life, I wonder?


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