mandrake linux - safe for internet ?

  SHARON B 08:38 30 Aug 2004

I have mandrake 9.1 , obtained from PCA a while back & am thinking of installing it on my 2nd pc (a laptop)- (would prefer windows, but am not shelling out another £80 for os!)

I will be using the internet so need to be sure that this os is safe for internet usage ie , do you need to get patches etc as you do with windows

Also, can anyone recommend anti virus/firewall to use with linux


  Valvegrid 12:11 30 Aug 2004

I can't speak specifically for Mandrake, but generally Linux is much safer for the Internet. There are anti-virus programs around but most of the virus seemed to aimed at particular modules within Linux and most of them seemed to be VBS scripts which are more a nuisance and can be removed easily.

I don't have ant-virus on my Linux, I'm more at risk of sending a virus onto someone than getting attacked myself. I did try qftprot anti-virus, but removed it. click here

I use Firestrarter for the firewall click here it runs in the background, I don't even know its there, its very unobtrusive.

  Belatucadrus 13:59 30 Aug 2004

click here for free AV for Linux

More interesting Linux links - filed for future ref.

  woodchip 16:02 30 Aug 2004

90% safer than Windows

  SHARON B 18:20 30 Aug 2004

great advice as usual - i'll get cracking !

  Goycoolea 10:07 01 Sep 2004

I know this is marked closed but one of the original poster's questions has been missed.

Yes, Mandrake Linux is safe for general Internet use. I have been using it for years, happily! If you are really worried run 'chkrootkit' occasionally to check for worms / trojans etc. Personally I wouldn't run a virus scanner unless you are running a mail server that Windows machines connect to, there's really no need. What is there apart from a few proof-of-concept viruses?

Firewalling is easy and robust. The grapical firewall programs like Guarddog are just front-ends for the Netfilter firewall *built into* the Linux kernel. Netfilter would make the Windows built-in firewall weep with embarrasment. :)

More importantly, Mandrake comes with 'MandrakeUpdate' which will connect to a local updates mirror and allow you to download & install security updates easily. It'll check the PGP signatures on the packages so you know you are getting official updates from Mandrake. In fact, as part of the installation Mandrake will offer to install updates for you after it configures your networking.



  LastChip 10:40 01 Sep 2004

If you're installing it on a Laptop, how are you going to connect to the Internet?

The one Achilles heel Linux still has, is it's (sometimes) inability to use a wide range of modems. If you're going to connect via a network; no problem, but a modem may cause you grief.

In spite of that, I still prefer it to Windows for all the reasons mentioned in the above posts and compared to Windows, it's ridiculously fast!

  Goycoolea 11:45 01 Sep 2004

"If you're installing it on a Laptop, how are you going to connect to the Internet?"

Plug the ethernet cable into your router? ;)

Seriously, there is pretty good support for the common "winmodems" like Lucent and Conexant, certainly it's better than you might expect for a crippled modem that should require MS Windows to work.


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