mandrake linux help re harddrives

  dunc1234 13:46 04 May 2007

i have a system of 3 separate harddrives with win xp win vista and Mandrake Linux version 10. i can start all independently but what i want to do is when in mandrake i would like read and write access to the harddrive with xp on, if vista can be done as well that would be good. the actual pupose of what i want to do is to be in linux and copy and paste a file/folder from the xp drive to a different or external drive.

please note that my linux knowledge is nil, any instructions would have to be noddy style, but they would be greatly appreciated.

please don't say, just mount the drive and rebuild the kernel as that is beyond my knowledge, as i said an idiots guide is needed.

thanks in advance to anyone who could help

  ashdav 19:35 04 May 2007

The program you need to use is Samba.
Normally included with the distro but not always installed.
Try searching for new applications on the disc or install new software.
I've forgotten exactly how Mandrake refers to this as it's been a while since I used it.

  ashdav 20:04 04 May 2007

Try this click here

  dunc1234 21:35 04 May 2007

thanks for that guys although it seems a bit overkill as it appears to be aimed at networked drives. the 3 drives i mentioned are all in the same computer, and i'm puzzled why mandrake does not "pick up" the other 2 drives with win xp and vista on?
if samba you think is the easiest way forward thats fine but can't mandrake "autodetect" the drives like windows would?
grateful for your prompt resonses though and welcome further comment

  ashdav 09:05 05 May 2007

Try going to the system application.
There should be an option to mount drives.
The XP installation will appear as a partition that's not part of Linux. May be called Win.If you find it try to mount it.Also try looking for windowshare.
I haven't got Mandrake/Mandriva installed on anything at the moment so I'm doing this from memory.

  ashdav 09:10 05 May 2007

When you use Samba it will ask you to id the drive you want to access.
This can be an external ie networked device or you can point it to an internal one.As far as Linux is concerned the XP installation is a separate computer.
It's a bit involved in that there are a lot of steps but it does work. Same as filesharing in Windows.

  mocha 11:12 05 May 2007

Mandrake Linux 10 is an old OS and will probably not be able to see your other drives if they are using NTFS as the file system. It's only recently that Linux has been able to read and write to these drives. If your using FAT32 you shouldn't have a problem as Linux can both read and write to these disks. In windows 'My Computer' go to your hard drive that xp or vista is on and right click 'properties' under the 'General' tab it should tell you what file system you are using.

  dunc1234 19:54 07 May 2007

thanks for the advice, the problem was solved by wiping mandrake and installing the latest ubuntu linux, the drives are now all accesible, many thanks.

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