Managing playlists

  VeeJP 08:50 23 Mar 2004

When I had Windows ME, I was able to store my music in date of download order. I now have XP and it doesnt appear to have that option. Is there a way of doing this, maybe on another programme other than my music folder.
Many thanks

  temp003 09:00 23 Mar 2004

If you mean in Windows Media Player 9, Media Library or Playlists, just right click the bar(where you have different columns such as Title, Artist), and select Acquisition Time.

If you mean in Windows Explorer, just click View, Arrange icons, By Date.

  VeeJP 09:06 23 Mar 2004

Hi, no I mean in the my music folder where they are saved. There is a list saying arrange icons by name, size, type etc, but on ME there was one that let you arrange them by date too so you got the newly downloaded ones at the end. This doesnt seem to be an option with XP?

  temp003 09:24 23 Mar 2004

Which view option is the folder currently under? Also, have you enabled Show in Groups? If so, different options apply.

  Boluwd 09:48 23 Mar 2004

Within Windows Explorer, go to View, then choose details. Here you can list a whole range of titles including date created etc.

  VeeJP 10:24 23 Mar 2004

The only options available are: Arrange icons by date, size, year, name, type, artist, track number and duration. The bottom three: show in groups, auto arrange and align to grid, are greyed out.
Bol Uwd, Im sorry I dont understand your post. Im referring to the My Music folder?

  temp003 10:51 23 Mar 2004

Was that a typo? You've just said there's an option for Arrange icons by Date. ??

  Boluwd 12:29 23 Mar 2004

VeeJP, In Windows Explorer, open your My Music folder, then open view menu, and underneath "Arrange icons by>" you should have the option "Choose details....". Here you can decide what you want to see in the Arrange icons by option.

  VeeJP 12:30 23 Mar 2004

Sorry, yes it was. No option for 'date'

  VeeJP 12:32 23 Mar 2004

I dont know how to open music folder from windows explorer, I usually just open it from desktop. Sorry to be a pain :(

  Boluwd 12:42 23 Mar 2004

I assume therefore that you have a shortcut to "My Music" folder on your desktop, or is it within the directory of the "My Documents" folder shortcut? Either way when you double click the shortcut it will be opened by explorer. On the menu bar at the top (File/Edit/View etc), click on view then the choose details option.
The view menu should look like this..
Status bar
Explorer bar>
Details (make sure this is checked)
Arrange icons by>
Choose details....
Go to>

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