"Managing" my Hard Disc

  Covergirl 12:50 27 Oct 2010

I followed the instructions on another post to "Manage" the hard drive in my Samsung laptop as I really need to allocate more space to the C: drive. C: & D: are currently split 50:50 with the OS, progs & data on C: and the recovery stuff on D:.

I can split D: into two but the "Extend" command on C: is greyed out - i.e. it can't extend C: into the spare off D: These are right click commands btw.

Once I have split D: I can extend D: into the spare space no problem, which takes it back to exactly where it was when I started.

OK, I know I could easily move folders onto D: or use a 3rd party utility to manage the partitions, but the point is, why doesn't this feature work in the first place ?

What am I doing wrong ? Is there an obscure secret keystroke combination I need ?

Any advice gratefully received. Thanks

  gengiscant 13:02 27 Oct 2010

A link to the original post would be helpful as would your operating system and what are you using to extend the partition. I have found that using Paragon Partition Manager is a simple piece of software to do what you want.

  Jollyjohn 13:24 27 Oct 2010

If you are working in Windows to do this you will not be able to change C: because it is in use.

If you are using XP you could right click on My Documents and under properties move them to D:\My Documents - doing it this way will preserve links to the various files and folders. This will give you a degree of protection for your data should you need to reinstall windows.
The same can be done for Vista but I can't remember the exact steps.

I agree with gengiscant that Paragon is very straight forward to use. click here for free version

  Jollyjohn 15:29 27 Oct 2010

Another thought has occurred to me. There are two types of partition on a hard drive - Primary or Logical. Logical drives are contained within a primary partition.
If D: is a logical drive once you have reduced it in size you will need to reduce its container - it will show as "Extended partition"
Then you should be able to increase the size of C:

  scotty 15:53 27 Oct 2010

You can only expand a partition into contiguous unallocated space. You may have to move a partition such that the unallocated space is next to the C partition.

  961 17:29 27 Oct 2010

Why do you need to split D?

Off the top of my head, can't you reduce D and then increase C to fill the space?

But that is, as I say, off the top of my head. I've never faffed about with this stuff myself because I found it technically hard to get my head around and realised if I messed up I could bgr up the whole thing

I got Partition Magic. Bought it years ago. Know it's third party, as you say. But..

It really is magic for what you are trying to do! It does the business. I've used my copy many times and haven't come unstuck yet

(Famous last words!)

  bremner 17:54 27 Oct 2010

The two types of partition are primary and extended.

The Boot drive C must be a primary partition.

An extended partition may itself be partitioned into 24 logical volumes.

  canarieslover 19:15 27 Oct 2010

scotty appears to be the only one with the right answer. When you reduce D: it still stays next to C: and the spare space is the wrong side of D: for C: to take advantage of it. You end up with C:, D:, and then the unallocated space. Try Easeus Partition Manager click here which is a free program. This allows you to effectively shrink the front part of D: so that the unallocated space is next to C: and then you can stretch C: to take in this space. It really is quite easy to follow the program.

  Covergirl 21:01 28 Oct 2010

Apologies for the delay. I will have a look at Aeseus and get back shortly.
Thanks for the replies and assistance

  Covergirl 19:27 30 Oct 2010

Thumbs up for the Undo button though :)

Managed to split D: but failed to latch it onto C:

I'll have to read up a bit on the how to helpfiles.

Thanks again

  Covergirl 19:27 30 Oct 2010

Thumbs up for the Undo button though :)

Managed to split D: but failed to latch it onto C:

I'll have to read up a bit on the how to helpfiles.

Thanks again

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