Managing multiple email accounts

  Visoflex 18:29 15 Apr 2008

My wife and I have our own computers and separate email accounts on the same user name.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Emails currently get delivered to who ever has logged on first, which is a nuisance.

I can stop my emails being downloaded to her machine by the "Do not Download It From The Server" rule in Windows Mail. But I can't seem to find a similar rule on Outlook 2007 which is on my computer.

I don't want to file her emails in a separate folder, just prevent them being delivered to my computer, such that they stay undelivered until she logs on to hers.

Any ideas out there?

Many thanks for your time.

  Woolwell 18:34 15 Apr 2008

You can use a message rule to do this click here=$solution_id&docPropValue=kb3532

  Woolwell 18:35 15 Apr 2008
  Visoflex 20:42 15 Apr 2008

Thanks for a valiant effort, but I obviously didn't make myself clear.

I can prevent my emails being delivered to my wife's computer by the Do Not Download rule as per Orange's instructions. However, I can't find a similar rule in Outlook 2007, which is on my computer.

Ringing Orange is no use, as they only support Outlook Express.

  Woolwell 21:07 15 Apr 2008

For Outlook 2007 (which I haven't got) try this click here

  D0gma 21:35 15 Apr 2008

Maybe you are after leaving a copy of all emails on the server, therefore both PCs will have access to all emails recieved. If so, try this:

Tools, Account Settings, (Select account and select change), then More Settings, Advanced, then Delivery and tick the "Leave a copy of messages on the server" and select the time limit. Hope thats what you're after.

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