Is Malwarebytes worse than useless?

  thumbscrew 22:51 22 Dec 2009

I currently use Malwarebytes, Spybot and Superantispyware, all freebies. Trouble is, Malwarebytes never finds anything, despite running the other two immediately after and being told there is a threat. Example...just scanned all three...Malwarebytes zero...Spybot found three and Superantispyware one. Seems a waste of time to me, anyone any opinions?

  Joe G 23:04 22 Dec 2009

I find that Mawarebytes is useful for spotting Trojans that other virus & spyware scanners miss. It has certainly helped me in the past - including today!

  thumbscrew 23:07 22 Dec 2009

Wotcha Joe...glad it works for you, but either my other two are inventing threats, or it's failing to spot a lot of obvious stuff on my machine!

  Joe G 23:32 22 Dec 2009

Hi again - I find that different scanners find different things! What I like about Malwarebytes is that you can run a quick scan in 10 mins while the others often take over an hour. On two of the four or five occasions I have had infections it has found them on the ten minute scan.

Be interested to hear what others have to say - I learned about Malwarebytes from people on here so there are certainly some fans around

  Input Overload 23:35 22 Dec 2009

I run the full version of Mawarebytes & it warns & blocks many dodgy sites, a good program. As for finding malware on my PC's I don't think there is any to find.

  Woolwell 00:17 23 Dec 2009

IMO many of the so-called threats that are found are cookies. These may or may not be malignant. I think that too many of these programs are scaremongers and throw up problems to make you think they are working. I find Malwarebytes to be one of the better programs.

  gigagiggles 01:18 23 Dec 2009

to use an example cited in a norton forum thread:

at an airport, we have soldiers carrying machine guns, we have security personnel waving their wands, we have scanners we have to walk through, we have dogs who sniff for drug contrabands, we have dogs who sniff for explosives.

if you were to compare the three software mentioned to an anti-rootkit, you would hesitate to fault the three software for their lack of performance. thus, the software perform different functions.

as for mbam, in the year i've used the free on-demand tool, it has found the registry key: nodesktopchanges. that's it. recently, after its quick scan, my NIS quick scan would flag the newegg tracking cookies, every time. during an mbam full scan, it even triggered an NIS quarantine of a long-dormant file that both had "ignored".

but the tool is free, and it's quick. while the other two seemed to take forever only to come up with COOKIES!

  KremmenUK 07:05 23 Dec 2009

Malwarebytes is primarily there for the real nasties out there.

They tend to let the others handle the day to day stuff.

= I agree with the above post 100%

  Seth Haniel 08:18 23 Dec 2009

if it was my machine I'd get rid of the other two and keep malwarebytews

  kdt 09:44 23 Dec 2009

in a full scan few months ago it found some entries & recommended quarantine which turned out windows did not like it...probably windows entries. so I removed MBAM from my machine. Now only using MSE,DEFENDER, SPYBOT & SPYWAREBLASTER without any problems & McAFee firewall.

  sunnystaines 11:39 23 Dec 2009

Malwarebytes fails to pick up tracking cookies other than that point i am happy with it.]

also have SAS.

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