Malware warning for malware detector: huh???

  Faffingwaste 10:26 03 Oct 2009

Iobit and Avira are two software publishers I've long depended on for robust and reliable operation.

So when one starts having an argument with the other, I'm left bemused.

I have iObit's excellent 360 malware scanner freeware on this PC. Today, following an update alert from iObit, I downloaded the new version of this app.

I've just attempted to install it but Avira AntiVir Guard has splashed the following:

"C:\ProgramFiles\Iobit Security 360\IS360Init.exe
is the TR/Dropper Gen2 Trojan."

However. . . clicking on Avira's own 'Virus Information' link produces the following:

"TR/DropperGen2: No information available."

Any ideas, anyone? I'm familiar with false positives from AV software but don't recall ever having been warned about a Trojan which seemingly doesn't exist according to the very software that is flagging it up. . .

  Technotiger 10:31 03 Oct 2009

Best be on the safe side and do a scan with SuperAntiSpyware and/or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
Goggle for them if you don't already have them.

Sorry, but I am in a hurry and am just going out .......

  Technotiger 10:31 03 Oct 2009

Google, of course!!

  Faffingwaste 11:06 03 Oct 2009

Thanks techno. . . but Googling doesn't lead anywhere, otherwise I'd not be bothering anyone here.

There are numerous references to TR\Dropper on the 'Net but no explanation that I've been able to locate of what it is, what it does or what form its variants may assume.

I tend to rely on Kaspersky for definitions anyway and in this instance, Kaspersky has no record, either.


  p;3 11:23 03 Oct 2009

You mention Avira ...then Kaspersky

Are you running with two Resident antivirus protection programs?

  Faffingwaste 12:00 03 Oct 2009

Hi p;3 -- nope. I mentioned Kaspersky as my preferred online reference resource for malware definitions; I don't use Kaspersky as my actual AV.

  Faffingwaste 12:20 03 Oct 2009

I've now reported this issue to Iobit.

Hopefully it will be able to shed some light on what this (presumably) false positive is and how come it's being flagged up when neither Avira itself nor Kaspersky's database has any record of such a trojan.

  Belatucadrus 13:35 03 Oct 2009

I've just updated my copy of Iobit 360 and run a thorough scan with avast! No problems, so I'd suspect a false positive from Avira.

  beynac 15:21 03 Oct 2009

This is the detection of a "Generic" trojan. In other words, it has some of the characteristics and/or behaviour of a trojan, but is not necessarily a trojan. Avira is warning of the possibility of a dangerous executeable rather than a specific one. This is why there is no detailed information.

This is almost certainly a false positive.

  Faffingwaste 10:13 05 Oct 2009

Many thanks to beynac and Belatucadrus for the reassurance: much appreciated -- beynac's helpful explanation certainly provides a great insight into how these things can occur.

All best and, again, many thanks: I'll go ahead with the new version install.

  jacobaug09 11:42 05 Oct 2009


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