malware or trojan or virus problems

  heidelberg 10:35 06 Dec 2010

Hi all

I was recently bothered by some malware which I thought I'd dealt with - using malwarebtes. Over the last few days problems have been growing which make me think that there is still something lurking in the background.

I am unable to run Mailwasher Pro 2010, the Dell Support Centre and now McAfee Security Centre is not running as it should. This morning something is turning off the Real-Time scanning i

I've run malwarebytes, again, as well as superantispyware, Spyware blaster, Spybot S & D, and CCleaner - all several times.

I run Windows 7 Home Premium.



  PalaeoBill 11:07 06 Dec 2010

Have you tried running in safe mode?
or sheduled a boot time virus scan?

  heidelberg 13:01 06 Dec 2010

Thanks PaleoBill - I have run in safe mode but not run a boot time virus scan. Will now do so.

Incidently Spybot S & D has now started not responding!



  birdface 14:30 06 Dec 2010

If using I/E try Tools.Internet Options. Connections.Lan Settings.Tick automatically detect settings.
And this is the important one underneath that if proxy server is ticked remove anything on there and also remove the Tick.Ok. Apply or whatever.
Doing that should let you update and run your security programs.
You also have to go into msconfig and untick anything that you are not sure of in start up.
Reboot but start up in safe mode without networking.
Run your security programs and if they find anything delete it then switch System restore off you can switch it back on later if you find that the problem has gone.
Forgot also go to tools.Browsing History and delete everything on there maybe keep your passwords if you are not sure if you would remember them or not.
That should be done after msconfig.

  birdface 14:34 06 Dec 2010

Always check for that tick on proxy server as it will come back after if not before a reboot.
Always make sure it is unticked.

  heidelberg 10:03 08 Dec 2010

Thanks buteman

I've now run the following, all in safe mode - McAfee Anti Virus in Security Centre, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, Spyware S&D and CCleaner. SpywareBlaster is also there. Nothing has been detected.
When I am back in "Normal" Mode everything seems fine but something switches off real time scanning in McAfee, and I can't switch it back on again. I can't Scan the PC in Mcafee, and various applications, those mentioned above - Mailwasher Pro 2010, the Dell Support Centre and McAfee Security Centre and now Spybot S&D - come up with the error "not responding"

Proxy Server is not ticked and I have deleted all the browsing history.

All the above has been done several times.

Is it time now for a reinstallation, or is it there something else I can do?

PaleoBill - I have not run a boot time virus scan in McAfee as I can't find out how it's done.

Thanks for all your help so far.


  rawprawn 10:39 08 Dec 2010

Try uninstalling Mailwasher, there may be a conflict.

  heidelberg 11:15 08 Dec 2010


I have uninstalled, and reinstalled, Mailwasher - the problem is still there. I was also using the new version for 5 or 6 weeks with no problems.



  rawprawn 11:59 08 Dec 2010

What I meant was, do you still have the same problem after uninstalling Mailwasher completely.
Try again without re installing it and let us know if the problem still exists.

  heidelberg 12:13 08 Dec 2010


I have done as you suggested and uninstalled the 2010 version of Mailwasher Pro. The problems still exist. Window Explorer now not working and IE8 looks distinctly shakey!

Thanks again


  rawprawn 13:50 08 Dec 2010

My advice at this stage would be to do a Repair Install, you will not lose your data or applications and it is probably the quickest and safest way to solve your problem unless anyone can think of something better.
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