Malware Bytes

  DANZIG 23:13 19 Nov 2009

I've been advised to download this by a guy at work as he reckons its the business when it comes to sorting out PC's.

Is it any good??

  RobCharles1981 23:24 19 Nov 2009

Yes its excellent along with SuperAntispyware

  DANZIG 23:30 19 Nov 2009

Cool. I downloaded it anyway and ran the quick scan - it found 21 infected objects. It got them sorted.

How can I have them anyway? I have avast! running all the time as well as Spybot SD, and run CCleaner every so often.

  Woolwell 23:49 19 Nov 2009

IMO it is better than Spybot.

  DANZIG 00:03 20 Nov 2009

Thats what the guy said as well, he reckons Spybot is rubbish...

  sunnystaines 06:41 20 Nov 2009

spybot has a good immunize protection [do not use its tea timer], malwarebytes & SAS have better scan and repair options.

i have all three.

  birdface 07:53 20 Nov 2009

Just keep Malwarebytes along with the rest of your security programs and maybe add Spywareblaster if you do not already have it.
Update and run Malwarebytes before using it.
Once a week or fortnight should do.
I would also recommend WOT which puts a little icon on your toolbar and will warn you of any bad sites that you visit before you open them.

  DANZIG 08:56 20 Nov 2009

Thanks for that.

I did a quick scan with Malware Bytes - it found 21 infected objects, then ran SAS - it found a further 17!

I'm keeping hold of Spybot though as suggested.

So that means I've got Malware Bytes, avast! antivirus, CCleaner, SAS. All for not a penny!

Why DO people pay for protection software???

  gazzaho 09:02 20 Nov 2009

To be honest I would be asking myself the question, is avast doing a good enough job? Surely you shouldn't have so many infected files on your system with an adequate virus scanner installed.

  birdface 09:25 20 Nov 2009

Come on give us a hint of this great anti virus that you use that does not let anything past it.Ive not heard of one.
I do not use Avast but have heard that from a few of those in the know that it is the best of the freebies.
As long as you have some good back up programs and a good Firewall you should not have many problems.
What Anti-Virus would you recommend.
I use AVG maybe not because it is the best but just because I am used to it.

  Woolwell 11:46 20 Nov 2009

I use Kaspersky and so far Malwarebytes hasn't found a single problem. That is not to say that it is infallible.

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