Malignant use of domain name

  pienter 12:05 30 Apr 2006

My mailbox is currently being swamped by webmasters rejecting emails purportedly coming from my domain though not using my username. Some of the rejected emails clearly contain malware, but my system appears to be clean according to several ant-malware scans and in any case the emails do not seem to originate from here.

Firstly, what action can I take to stop the aggravation? Wanadoo Help recommends identifying the originating ISP and informing them so that they can take action, however I cannot find how to do this as their helpsheet reports that 'we have a problem'.

Secondly, how can a domain name be stolen in this way?

  mgmcc 12:25 30 Apr 2006

The usual reason for receiving "undelivered" mail that you never sent is that someone with your email address in their address book has been infected with a virus. Malicious emails are now being sent with your address in the "From:" field so that any that bounce will come back to you.

If the situation gets really bad, you may have to change your email address, otherwise you may be able to set up filters to deal with the messages.

  pienter 13:41 30 Apr 2006

Thanks mgmcc. Surely if the malicious emails were originating in the way you describe then they would appear to come from my complete address, including my username, which is not the case?
Can anyone say how one can identify the originating ISP?

  mgmcc 14:10 30 Apr 2006

<<< Can anyone say how one can identify the originating ISP? >>>

From the IP address in the message header. If I remember correctly, in Outlook Express which I don't use, selecting the message's Properties shows the full detailed message header. The IP address furthest down the header was the origin of the message.

Even then, the header can probably be "spoofed" to make it meaningless.

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