Malaware problem

  wids001 18:50 14 Aug 2007

3 internet shortcuts have appeared on my desktop. They are, Error Cleaner, Privacy Protector & Spyware+Malaware Remover. The link address to all three is;

click here

Since these have appeared IE7 no longer opens with my default page but with click here or click here.

I get an official looking warning that my computer is at risk and to click to run an online virus protector. When I cancel this IE7 opens up on the pages listed above. It is a continuous loop.

I have run Norton Antivirus and Adaware 2007 and found nothing.

I am running XP home with SP2

Any help to stabilise my computer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

  namtas 18:56 14 Aug 2007

Go to solution No 6

click here

  mfletch 19:04 14 Aug 2007

Hi Try using SAS FREE SuperAntiSpyware,

First Delete All Temp Internet Files and All Cookies,


Download this Free Antispyware {Superantispyware} Before using the Antispyware for the first time check for any updates.

click here

Hope this helps you.


  bof:) 19:13 14 Aug 2007

Also try this free AVG antispyware program.

click here

after installing make sure you click on Updates to get latest updates.

Also, in settings (Scan/settings) make sure every box is ticked including Every file under 'What to scan'.

Make sure that under the 'Reports' heading,Automatically generate report after every scan' ticked. Untick the 'Only if threats where found' box.

Its a 30 day trial I think. If you choose not to buy then after 30 days the background checking facility will stop but you can still manually get the updates for the program.


  bof:) 19:16 14 Aug 2007

If you do as mfletch suggests why not get SuperAntispyware and the AVG program and run both. You often find that what is missed by one program is picked up by the other.


  mfletch 19:23 14 Aug 2007

Hi bof I agree with you use both {ONE AT A TIME THOUGH} what one may miss the other may detect,


  wids001 19:59 14 Aug 2007

Thanks to everyone who responded. I ran Superantispyware and it found 159 threats including desktop & browser hijackers plus numerous trojans.

However, after quarantining these I then rebooted and the computer crashed. I had to restore to last known good configuration.

Just running it again to see what it picks up, so far so good.

  wids001 06:33 15 Aug 2007

Hi again. Thanks again to everyione who responded to my original please for help, but now another problem has arisen!

Whilst all traces of the malaware etc appear to have been removed (a further running of superantispyware & Adaware 2007 found nothing), my desktop is now plain white instead of my usual background!

When the malaware was starting the browser the desktop turned white losing my selected background. This has stayed this way and also right clicking the mouse over the desktop has no effect whatsover - no menu appears. Going into Control Panel and selecting another background or theme has no effect either.

Any ideas would be greatly appreaciated.

  mfletch 12:03 15 Aug 2007

Hi Try starting your computer by using the Last Known Good Configuration.

click here


  wids001 17:02 15 Aug 2007

Thanks for the response mfletch, but I had already tried that after using superantispyware the first time.

  mfletch 17:17 15 Aug 2007


Go to Control Panel > Display Properties. Click the Desktop tab and click the Customize Desktop button. Click the Web tab and make sure all check boxes in this window are unchecked. If any look a bit odd, check them then uncheck again!

Im not sure if you have already tried this?


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