Making tabs a useful size (Display Properties)

  montyburns 21:31 14 Apr 2004

Using Windows XP. Setting up a laptop on resolution 1280 x 1024 (needed for graphics settings)

A lot of the text is too small to read without eye strain. I've gone into Display Properties (right clicking desktop and choosing "properties") and have soted most of this out. But one item I just can't seem to re-size. Where do I find the relevent settings to change for the "tabs" text (ie on Display Properties, where it says "themes", "desktop", "screen saver" etc)

This is so tiny I can only just read it.

Also, under "appearance", is it possible to save my settings, so I can try different ones and then go back without having to re-set the lot one item at a time?



You have the option to increase the font size to 120dpi or any custom figure from the Advanced box on the Settings Tab of Display Properties.


But it does not change the text size of the tabs....frustrating

  montyburns 23:45 14 Apr 2004

Frustrating is a pretty good word for it! The tabs (and their text and certain other text) resolutely stays tiny and more or less unusable..........



I assume you are using XP, if not disregard the rest.

1. Ensure that you have ClearType selected to on

2. Set the type to 120 or larger in Properties

3. Try downloading ClearTweak from
click here and use the 1000 setting

4. Reboot and check the results.

The only problem I now have is with the forum, but I am sure that there is a tweak to increase the font size of the forum......


  Stuartli 15:50 15 Apr 2004

Try the magnifier....

  Stuartli 15:51 15 Apr 2004

...or a lower resolution....

should be an extra i in the link

click here

  Stuartli 15:57 15 Apr 2004

Using Display in Control Panel, people who have impaired vision or are blind can select larger fonts and icons, increase the size of screen elements by using a lower screen resolution, or change the size of windows and window borders. Using Mouse in Control Panel, you can adjust mouse properties to display larger or more visible mouse pointers and control the speed and animation of the mouse pointer.

When using Windows-based programs, you can change font sizes and colors, background color, and window size. In some programs, you can magnify the elements that are displayed in the program's window.

Using the Properties or Default dialog boxes in MS-DOS programs, you can change font types, sizes, and colors, background color, and the size of the cursor and program window.

The following tools are available with Windows. For more information, click Related Topics.

High Contrast

Using High Contrast, you can specify that Windows uses colors and fonts that are designed for easy reading.

Step-by-step procedure


Using Magnifier, you can magnify a portion of your screen to make it more easily readable.

Additional information


Narrator is a text-to-speech program that reads aloud the text that is displayed on your screen.

Additional information


ToggleKeys causes tones to sound when you press CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, and SCROLL LOCK.

Step-by-step procedure

The accessibility tools that ship with Windows are intended to provide a minimum level of functionality for users with special needs. Most users with disabilities will need utility programs with more advanced functionality for daily use.

  montyburns 21:58 15 Apr 2004

Thanks for these, but to be honest, I don't want to use the magnifier, as it's not as if I've got impaired vision or the like, just that, while I can get everything else readable, the tabs and their text are tiny!

Also can't use a lower resolution as we need a good high res for the graphics!

The Cleartype things sounds interesting, but

a) It's a shame to have to resort to 3rd party software to sort a Windows problem (ha!)
b) The laptops are not mine (they belong to work) so I don't want to risk messing them up with downloaded stuff!


Hi Dave,

The Cleartype is a function built into Windows and all that the ClearTweak does is in essence to change the contrast, it is especially designed for LCD screens and I am using it now with a noted difference in readability.

To enable clear type go to the screen properties select Appearance and then Effects tick the 2nd option and select Clear Type from the drop down.

Best wishes


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