making tables visible and invisible

  tomleady 15:10 05 Jan 2004

i need to make a simple quiz for a site, and i was wondering how you (if you can) make tables visible and invisible.

see here: click here

you will see that i have a blue box in which the answer will appear, it is called 'answer1'

i would like it so that when the page loads, it is not visible, and then when the user clicks for the answer, it appears.

any ideas?


  Taran 18:39 05 Jan 2004

I'm not sure if this is what you mean.

Visible tables needs the border="1" entry in the table HTML properties while border="0" means no table borders.

border="0" gives you the table content and table controlled layout without a visible table on the page.

The table is still there, it's just that it's border is set to not show.

Is that what you mean or have I totally mis-read your question ?

  Sir Radfordin 18:59 05 Jan 2004

Taran, I think tomleady wants to be able to hide the contents of the table that contains the answer so that the page loads with the questions and then you click to reveal the answers.

My suggestion would be to do two pages, one with only the questions and another one with the answers showing. This is how the BBC do things:click here

  Taran 19:13 05 Jan 2004

I did misread the question - completely as it happens.

Hangs head in embarrassment...

I'd suggest that unless you want to get your hands dirty, you could consider something like Hot Potatoes from Half Baked Software click here

It allows you to create user interactive quizzes
with a series of questions and a variety of answer formats. Marks and right and wrong answers are displayed at the end.

I normally program my own quizzes using JavaScript running in HTML which includes username, date, time, results that were right and, more importantly, those questions that were answered incorrectly, showing the wrong answer and the answer that should have been selected and so on.

There is no simple way of explaining this or of demonstrating it though, and for simple quizzes it's a real sledgehammer/nut situation.

Try Hot Potatoes. It gives some very good results with little input from you.

If you wanted to bang your head off a wall (comparatively) you can use form elements on your web page and program them to appear based on selection criteria of other elements on the page. Or you could use Hot Potatoes to generate the lot and see how it all works...

  Pesala 20:00 05 Jan 2004

Set the text colour and background colour to white. Instead of click-here, put double-click here. When the white text is highlighted it can be read (or indeed red, perhaps?) :)

  Pesala 20:16 05 Jan 2004

Two problems. Double-click is fine for a single word answer. Non-breaking space can be used, which works in Opera as the whole sentence is treated as a single word, but not in Internet Explorer.

If we say click and drag, instead of double-click, this works well in Internet Explorer, but not in Opera, because click and drag opens a graphic in another page. Maybe if I use Net Objects Fusion instead of Serif Page Plus, it will work better.

click here to see how it works (or doesn't work as the case may be).

  Pesala 20:28 05 Jan 2004

It works fine in Opera now that I have made it a true table instead of a graphic. The Bullets also help to point the user in the right direction.

You can use any colours, as long as the colour of the answer text is the same as the cell background. Much easier than Javascripts or doubling pages.

  tomleady 09:06 06 Jan 2004

thanks to u all for suggestions.

i have been messing around on dreamweaver, and i've foudn that you can do hide/show properties using layers. i hate using layers, but might end up using that.

Pesala - i thought of doing that to, but my quiz is to go on modules used in a university, and to be honest it needs to be more professional and work much easier than that. but your idea does work fine. thanks!

Sir Radfordin - thanks for the link, ive given it a go. although it is useful, i would prefer immediate answers (ie, on same page). thanks for the link though.

Taran - when i sudied javascript at uni i was doing quizes as well, but i can t remember javascript to well. so i'm gonna mess about with the software you mentioned.

thanks everyone.


  GB04 13:38 06 Jan 2004

you can hide a table with css i.e. <table style="display:none">

Of course any content hidden using this will still be viewable if you look at hhe page source.

  tomleady 15:56 06 Jan 2004

cheers GB04,

do you know therefore how to make a link make it visible? i've been looking at the behaviours and other thigns in DW but i cant find anything that would help em do this.


  tomleady 16:03 06 Jan 2004

i can do do it using layers. but i always have problems using layers.

see here: click here

in the 400x300 window, the layer text appears over the body text.

when its not in a small window, it works ok.

anyway around this problem? i'm not a huge fan of using layers you see, so i dont have much experience of debugging them


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