making sure font size cannot be altered by browser

  Kalitechnis 10:07 30 Mar 2004

can someone tell me how I can specify a font size so that it cannot be altered by someone changing their browser's font viewing size?

If the only way is with CSS (which I not yet familiar with), can I set up a CSS for font size on an existing site?

Thanks for any help,


  Sir Radfordin 10:54 30 Mar 2004

I would strongly discourage you from doing this. People who have the font size set at a different viewing size to 'normal' often do so because of genuine reasons - often because they have a visual impairment. My view (and that of many others including the RNIB) is that the Internet should be accesible to ALL and web designers should do everything they can to allow this to happen. Allowing people to view fonts in a different size is one way this can be done.

I know your site may look odd and the 'nice' design may be lost but that should be the visitors choice. Most will know if they have a massive font in use the site will look different to how it was designed.

I realise that bit doesn't answer your question ;)

I think if you use fixed font sizes (pt and not %) then they will remain fixed regardless of a users setup. You don't have to use CSS for this.

  Patr100 14:08 30 Mar 2004

I would agree with Sir Radfordin on this. My eyesight is fine (with help!) but I find it very useful to adjust the size eg on the BBC website to make text more readable.
If you design and test your pages for the Medium size font then most will have IE set for that anyway.

  Kalitechnis 16:31 30 Mar 2004

Thanks for those responses,
and I quite understand your point of view, but ,
it appears many professional sites don't allow it..even this delightful forum/site!
I mostly use Opera, which has a zoom function, which maintains the layout.

I was at a friends the other day and she looked at my site (it's a graphics site). Her daughter must have set the font viewing to the smallest size (it was illegible) and she didn't know how to change the size..I wonder how many others are not aware of this function ?

Can you not even tell me how to?

Go devils,


  Sir Radfordin 16:47 30 Mar 2004

"I think if you use fixed font sizes (pt and not %) then they will remain fixed regardless of a users setup. You don't have to use CSS for this."

...and just because other's don't do it doesn't make it right!

  Kalitechnis 19:31 30 Mar 2004

Sir Radfordin,

But there are only the normal sizes 1-7, then +'s & -'s, though in CSS there are points, px's etc.

So please, how do I apply the pt size?.. forgive ignorance.

Many thanks for any elucidation,


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