Making the printer print what i want

  texter 16:03 27 Mar 2010

How can i make the printer only print what i want and nothing else?

  iscanut 16:32 27 Mar 2010

???? Please be more specific.

  texter 18:46 27 Mar 2010

Well when i want to print a webpage from the Internet how do i stop all the ads from being printed

  tullie 19:00 27 Mar 2010

How about highlighting what you want,then copy and paste to your word processor,print from there.

  iscanut 20:15 27 Mar 2010

What browser are you using ?

  Diemmess 11:06 28 Mar 2010

With tullie -
but if it is one of those tricky screens where moving the cursor after high lighting 'loses' the highlit part, try using these keystrokes instead.

Control+C puts a copy on the Windows clipboard

Control+V Pastes the content of the clipboard--
---This could be pasting the copy into your word processor.

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