making an "offline website"

  realist 19:03 07 Aug 2006

My grandson has it in his head he wants to make a kind of "spoof" of a website he can save and run just on his computer (not to be published online).

We tried messing around with some ready-made animations and banners but they don't seem to run in Word.

Can this be done in Word and will he have to use html?

Any advice would be appreciated!

  ade.h 19:09 07 Aug 2006

Any website can be run on a PC - that's local publishing, which we do for testing purposes.

Is there no web-authoring software being employed in this project?

  realist 19:13 07 Aug 2006

Thanks ade.h
No we are very much amateurs, were just using Word.
Is there an easy free prog a 13yr old could use for this that you would recommend maybe?

  ade.h 19:17 07 Aug 2006
  realist 19:23 07 Aug 2006

Cheers ade.h

  ade.h 19:27 07 Aug 2006

Happy to help. Have fun with it!

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