Making my Tiscali ADSL Wireless

  The Bad Seed 20:56 27 Jul 2007

Hi there. I am currently connecting an XP-based home made PC through the Sagem USB modem supplied 3-4 years ago by Tiscali. Today I bought a Belkin "High Speed Mode Wireless G Router with Built-in USB Print Server (802.11g 2.4ghz)". I was attracted by the fact that it has a USB port to allow direct connection of a printer and also has 4 ports. I am also running an Apple eMac (Joy!) and my wife's school laptop. I wanted several ports as I don't even want to think about making the Apple wireless as I had enough problems setting it up for a cable connection. When I opened the box I discovered that the feed from the modem is an RJ45 ethernet connection. My Sagem modem feeds out via USB. Is there any way around this or do I need to swap the router for one with either a built in modem or a USB feed? I am reasonably computer literate (built my pc etc) but totally new to Wireless. Any help would be appreciated. Router can be viewed at click here=


  skidzy 22:30 27 Jul 2007

Im afraid you need a ADSL modem router if you have a BT line.

  The Bad Seed 22:36 27 Jul 2007

Thanks, I guessed as much. I do have a BT line but rent it from Tiscali. I don't suppose this makes any difference?

  skidzy 22:53 27 Jul 2007

I take it you mean you have a BT line and Tiscali uses this as your broadband provider...that is correct.
The modem in your link is for a cable line,hence you need to buy a ADSL modem router.

Any further problems let us know.

  skidzy 22:59 27 Jul 2007

Sorry i meant router in your link not modem :-))

  The Bad Seed 23:04 27 Jul 2007

Cheers again. Yeah the line was originally rented from BT but I now have an all inclusive rental, broadband and phone package. Any modem router you can recommend for about £50? Ideally available from PC World so I can swap this one? I don't really want to wait for a mail order one. Thanks again.

  skidzy 23:14 27 Jul 2007

This is the newer version to the one i have click here i prefer D-link routers others have there preference.

  The Bad Seed 23:38 27 Jul 2007

Skidzy, you've been a brilliant help! Thanks so much. I'll be off to PCW in the morning and will keep you posted if all goes ok. Cheers.

  spuds 12:10 28 Jul 2007

The Bad Seed, you are not alone on this, I did the same and purchased a 'couple' of wrong replacements, before I finally got it right. As skidzy suggested, the D-Link is a good product.

  The Bad Seed 18:48 28 Jul 2007

Cheers Spuds. I'm having real fun and games today! I bought two of the routers, one for me and one for my dad. My dad still runs Windows 98 so I'm having to manually configure his machine. I have set up my router and can connect my main pc to the net. I have 2 XP laptops that can see the wireless network but can't access the internet etc via it. I have an Apple eMac that I daren't even consider yet but will probably just connect by cable. The only machine that can actually access the internet through the network at the moment is my smartphone (an HTC Touch, very nice bit of kit)! Any advice would really be appreciated. Cheers

  John Wheater 17:19 03 Aug 2007

Seed, thanks for raising this, and thanks to the others, and I see it's solved now.

I'd be interested to know exactly how you cracked the problem, as I too have a 5?-year-old Tiscali Sagem modem with the USB connection, and want to go wireless.

On Tiscali tech support, and teapots(:-)), I did get useful help from their 0870 number; I couldn't believe the old modem would install onto Vista from the old CD, but in it went sweet as a nut.

But like you say, routers seem to like an Ethernet connector rather than USB.



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