Making my photos fit my desktop

  herc182 19:21 20 Feb 2007

Dear all,

I have a 1280x800 desktop resolution (widescreen) but cant get my photos to fit it....they just stretch. Tried the settings if you right click on the desktop but it doesnt help. any ideas? any software i could download for it?


I have windows xp

  STREETWORK 19:42 20 Feb 2007

Try one of these...

click here

  herc182 19:47 20 Feb 2007

Thanks. I was kind of hoping that I wouldnt have to manually resize photos, but instead, the photo would appear as it is and then where it doesnt fit the desktop, there would just be black. Does that exist?

thanks again

  Watchful 19:52 20 Feb 2007

You could use this: click here and open your file, Image, scroll down to resize/resample and set the size to whatever you want. Don't forget to save it with a new name and use it as your desktop.

  bennyhillslovechild 19:52 20 Feb 2007

If you go to your display properties, and select the desktop tab, there's a drop down menu on the right, called position - select center and your photo will be centred in the desktop and not stretched.

  GaT7 19:52 20 Feb 2007

If you mean desktop backgrounds, edit the photos in your photo editor to a similar screen ratio. Some parts of the originals will get cropped-off in the process, so you have to decide which bits can stay & which bits can go.

The pixels/dimensions of each picture doesn't have to be exactly 1280x800, but only their ratios. E.g. 1280÷800 = 1.6. So, say one picture you need to change has an original res of 1600x1200 (1600÷1200 = 1.33). Even if you crop it to something odd like 1345x841, it should be fine as 1346÷841 = 1.6. Most importantly, there won't be any stretching.

If there's an easier way I'd like to know! G

P.S. Only edit *copies* of the originals

  Watchful 19:53 20 Feb 2007

Don't think that option exists except if you framed the pics.

  Watchful 19:54 20 Feb 2007

That's right, had forgotten about that!

  herc182 19:56 20 Feb 2007

I have tried that. the other options (centre and tile) dont show the full picture...


  Watchful 19:57 20 Feb 2007

I can enlarge small photos with Irfanview and use them to cover the whole screen (they don't stretch) but this query is for the original to show as is, with black surrounding screen.

  GaT7 20:06 20 Feb 2007

I've misunderstood haven't I?! I thought herc182 meant wallpapers, because I've a widescreen monitor too (1440x900) & none of the pics I view normally are 'stretched', except for wallpapers that have a different screen ratio that I have to stretch (or edit) to fill the background.

As Watchful says, 'Don't think that option exists except if you framed the pics.' G

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