making my laptop wireless

  niki63 15:14 21 Oct 2006

can you plz tell me what i need to make my laptop wireless?its not wifi enabled but i do run a desk pc on broadband(server wanadoo) my router isnt wireless and its a usb connection, my aim is to run a desk pc,laptop and two other desk pc's
hoping you can give me advice and make the jargo simple


  ed-0 15:19 21 Oct 2006

the first thing would be to check the specification of the laptop. Do you know the make and model.

This will determine if it has built in WiFi and if not, what would be the best WiFi adaptor for it.

You will have to change your wanadoo modem to a wireless modem router. By having the spec of the laptop could determine if there is a package that could be financially beneficial to you.

  Technotiger 15:23 21 Oct 2006

Hi, you will need a Wireless LAN Cardbus PC Card which slots into the laptop. This will make it wifi enabled and should cause it to connect wirelessly to your Router. I recommend Safecom for under £20.


  Batch 15:41 21 Oct 2006

You'll need a wireless ADSL router (to replace your existing non-wireless router) and a card for your laptop (either a PCMCIA [Cardbus) card adapter if yor laptop has a slot or a USB adapter).

  niki63 15:53 21 Oct 2006

by changing my router to a wireless router.... is this compatable with wanadoo/orange?i was led to believe that not all wireless routers were compatable.... yes im just a female dabblin with the unknown....

Thanx to all you that have provided me with useful advice!but im always welcome to more


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:18 21 Oct 2006

If you are on the Orange (wannado) 17.99 BB package go to the orange web site members area and update your package to BB Plus AND TICK YOU NEED A LIVE BOX

is same price £17.99 costs nothing to upgrade, live box is wireless modem router.

You can connect two wired desktops and a4 of wireless connections.

  Batch 16:22 21 Oct 2006

In general virtually all ADSL modem routers (wireless or non-wireless) adhere to the same standards and are compatible with the various broadband services and with the network cards in PCs. In any event, the wireless bit is between the router and the pc and so is not relevant to whether the router will work with wanadoo/orange.

One possible exception to the above is ADSL-2 (new super fast broadband) which I guess needs a special router to take advantage of this. But these things tend to be backwards compatible (albeit with performance of the lowest common denominator) anyhow.

  Technotiger 16:34 21 Oct 2006

Me again - have a thorough read through of this, it does appear that you could use a different wireless Router instead of the wanadoo box. Though I have not read it through completely. If you are still unsure after all this I would suggest that you put your question in the PCA's Networking Forum where you are sure to get many more answers.

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Cheers and good luck.

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