making mp3 cds....?

  Hachi-Roku 00:25 17 Feb 2003

hi! i use nero burning rom and i was just wondering, when making mp3 cds, do you just create a normal data cd and then just put in whatever mp3s you have onto cd, burn it and thats it? cause ive like tried this many times but it doesnt seem to playback on my mp3/cd player even though it supports it and also supports reading cdr/cdrw cds as well. is there anything i need to do in order to get this working or download extra plugins or updates or something cause i really just want it to work!

  BeeWee 00:28 17 Feb 2003

you have to create audio cd's not data ones

  Hachi-Roku 00:32 17 Feb 2003

no im not saying audio cds since that means i will only have like 12 tracks to listen to since its a proper music audio cd! what im saying is burning like 100 mp3s onto cd and letting my mp3/cd player being able to read them since it supports that! but its just not working for some reason and i wanna know why and is there anything i can do to make them work!

  BigMoFoT 00:32 17 Feb 2003

If you use Nero to create an MP3 compilation you can make a data cd which limits you in terms of the size of the disk, if you make an audio CD you are limited in terms of time, i.e 80 mins!

  MAJ 00:36 17 Feb 2003

Which software are you using to rip the CDs, Hachi-Roku, and do they have the .mp3 extension when ripped ?

  MAJ 00:39 17 Feb 2003

And do you "close" the CD when finished?

  BigMoFoT 00:42 17 Feb 2003

Just had look at Nero and if you use the wizard, compile a new cd, choose other cd formats and then audio and data mixed and you just drag and drop the files! (This is using the Nero 5.5 with the latest update!)

  Hachi-Roku 00:53 17 Feb 2003

ok im going to start again since im not getting the proper answers and maybe cause i did my question wrong lol!

what im saying is that im am making an mp3 cd (i.e. a normal 650mb cdrw disc with like 100 mp3s on it) and i want it to play on my mp3/cd player since it is able to read and play mp3 files of a cdr/cdrw disc. i say it again, able to read and play mp3 files off a cdr/cdrw. im not making a 74 min audio cd, im making an a cd full of mp3s. but the problem is it just doesnt seem to work! could it be that theres more to just burning all the files as a data disc or is there something else that ive missed out in order to make them work properly?

  Hachi-Roku 00:55 17 Feb 2003

when i said that it dont work, i meant that as my mp3/cd player doesnt seem to be able to playback from it! oh and the cdrw disc is in perfect condition as well!

  MAJ 01:02 17 Feb 2003

I'm perfectly able to understand what you said, Hachi-Roku. Can you read what I said?

  Hachi-Roku 01:32 17 Feb 2003

yes!! like i said before, i am using nero burning rom, and when i add the files to make the cd it shows theres the .mp3 extension (i hope thats what your on about) but i dont know what the 'close' part is! whats that then?

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