Making graphs , software.

  curlylad 11:31 30 Apr 2004

I need to make some graphs of performance rises/falls over daily and weekly periods.
Can someone suggest a software I can use to make such graphs , I need one that is easy to use and perhaps has a tutorial attached.So , any ideas guys ?

  Old Shep 11:35 30 Apr 2004

Have you got Microsoft Excel that does it.

  curlylad 11:44 30 Apr 2004

No , the new PC I have did not come with that particular software . Where can I get it , is it a free download , is there perhaps a software on this site I can download to do what I need ?

  ventanas 11:48 30 Apr 2004

You can do it on line click here

Stupid thing is I use one a home, and I'm damned if I can remember what its called.

If I do I'll post back.

  curlylad 12:15 30 Apr 2004

That is exactly the simplified application I require , but I need to take it to work and use as and when the need arises so a downloadable version of this would be ideal , suggestions ?

  ventanas 12:21 30 Apr 2004

Sorry I don't. Do you not have web access at work?

Still trying to think of the name of the one I use.

  curlylad 12:29 30 Apr 2004

At the moment no , we do not have web access. This however changes in about 3 months but for now I still need some ideas .Thanks for your help ventanas.

  deadneat 12:54 30 Apr 2004

click here curlylad. Only 4Mb download

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