making games work without CD

  ?bob? 10:19 21 Nov 2006

Can some1 plz tell me some tips about making games work without a CD.

I think i need 2 make a "crack" file but how 2 do this?

Can some1 plz help!

  Pamy 10:23 21 Nov 2006

Not able to help with "cracks" and would appreciate if you could just write normal, not text language

  ?bob? 10:27 21 Nov 2006


  gudgulf 10:34 21 Nov 2006

Making games run without the Cd/DVD using a crack is a legal grey have to do this to create a back-up copy of legitimately owned discs.The EULA on most games will say you are allowed to do this.

Breaking the copy protection on the disc......which is what you are doing when you use a no-cd crack is however illegal.

As such we are not allowed under forum rules to tell you how to do this.

A Google search will give you all the information you need.

Beware though.....many of the sites you will find are riddled with malware and trojans.If you start with a visit to which is a game specialist site you might just find what you are looking for, without risking the more unsavoury sites.

  ?bob? 10:37 21 Nov 2006

Thanxs, but is it possible 2 make a "crack" yourself?

  gudgulf 11:05 21 Nov 2006

"Thanxs, but is it possible 2 make a "crack" yourself?"

If you need to ask that question the answer is almost certainly NO.

You would need coding and copy protection knowledge way beyond a basic level.......again look in Google.The information is not hard to find.

Finding is one thing...understanding is something else.Might as well be written in ancient Babylonian as far as I am concerned......meaningless,lol.

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