Making Forms with Word

  DRiM 18:15 04 Mar 2005

I suspect the answer to this is obvious to everybody except me!

Can I design forms in Microsoft Word where information can be entered into blank boxes,(name, address etc)without the data being entered altering the design of the form. I want to provide boxes to be filled in with data (information)but I don't want the actual form or boxes to change shape or size to accommodate the data entered into it.

Afterwards I can save the file in the person's name and have a sort of database of files of information, with all the forms identical.

I hope that makes sense.


  RonB 18:20 04 Mar 2005

Infopath does exactly what u want I think. It is part of MS office, you may not have installed it, or have an earlier or different ver of office. Have a look at MS site to see if it's what u want

  DRiM 18:25 04 Mar 2005

Thanks RonB,

I have XP Office Professional, where would I look for MS Infopath?


  RonB 18:30 04 Mar 2005

stick the disc in. During the install routine it should ask you which programs you want after it has asked if you want to modify/repair (i Think).
Providing of course that it is in your ver of office. It IS in office 2003 pro

  VoG II 18:35 04 Mar 2005
  woodchip 18:36 04 Mar 2005

You are using the wrong program you should use the Spread sheet program Excel to create forms

  woodchip 18:37 04 Mar 2005

You should be able to choose to print lines or not when you print a Form

  skeletal 18:43 04 Mar 2005

As you have Office Pro, I would go one step further than woodchip and suggest you get into Access! Obviously, only you know exactly what you are after, but if you are trying a "sort of" database, why not rethink what you are doing and do a real database (complete with as many complex forms as you want)?

IMHO Access is the most powerful part of Office, but does take some time to learn...but it's worth it!


  DRiM 19:10 04 Mar 2005

Thanks skeletal, I have realised that Access is probably what I really want, but its much too complicated for somebody like me!!!!

I have experimented with it, but just don't seem to be able to master it at all, so I just wondered if there was a way of saving Word documents like that.

Excel???? Now that would really do my head in, I can manage setting up a mathematical spreadsheet, bt using it to design a form sounds even harder than Access.

Perhaps I should just persevere with Access for another few years.

Thanks anyway everybody.

I will just click on Vog's link too and see what it is.


  woodchip 19:14 04 Mar 2005

Have a look see if anything will fit the bill click here

  VoG II 19:20 04 Mar 2005

click here

I think I may have "accidentally" helped myself here! I have a form at work where the fields just get bigger the more the user types in. Most annoying for what I want to do. I'll try it myself on Monday.

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