Making a fan quiet?

  robalewis 12:53 31 May 2003

I know that most noise from a computer is produced by the fan at the PSU, but I was wondering if there was any way to make it quieter? would greasing it work? I unfortunately cannot afford a new one, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

  Spencus 13:04 31 May 2003

Never use grease, and light oil will only last for a short time, the only solution is a quality fan.

  Rayuk 13:04 31 May 2003

Only way is to replace what you have.

  robalewis 13:06 31 May 2003

Damn, thought that might be the case. Well, thanks for the quick response guys.

  jazzypop 13:07 31 May 2003

Please do not try to dismantle your PSU in order to oil your fan. PSUs usually have capacitors that can store a considerable charge, and give you a very nasty shock.

  robalewis 14:09 31 May 2003

Thanks for the tip!
Glad I asked here first!

  wee eddie 21:01 31 May 2003

Come from the fan motor or the blades cutting air.

If the motor - then the very careful application of graphite to the bearings may well solve the problem.

If the blades have become dirty - the leading edge frequently picks up dust - it becomes thicker and therefor noisier - a Cotton bud with a little meths should help - a very fiddly but quite cheap operation.

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