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  gudda96 19:10 05 Jan 2004

Can anyone tell me why the 3 cds I have saved on my HDD 1 x 25mb 1 x 25mb 1 x 35mb =85mb when I try to burn them to cd-r using CD Creator, I am told there is not enough space.

I reckon 30 cd's should fit on a 750mb.

  Forum Editor 19:30 05 Jan 2004

that'll be the day!

Uncompressed digital 16 bit, stereo audio at 44.1 kHz will use 10.09 Mb of disk space for every minute of music, so a CD that has 74 minutes of music will occupy 747Mb of space - and that's without any gaps between tracks. It can get complicated because normal factory made CDs have redundant error correction code on them ( to deal with scratches etc) and that brings the available space down by a few %.

Your files, if they truly are 25Mb are certainly not full CDs, so that's the first thing to look at. I'm assuming you know that you can't write MP3 tracks (that you've downloaded) straight to a CD and expect to play it in a CD player - you must first convert the files to .wav format. The MP3 format compresses audio to around a tenth of the size of a .wav file, and I suspect that your files are MP3s.

  leo49 19:34 05 Jan 2004

I suggest it's likely because the CDs are stored on your HDD as very lowbitrate Mp3 or wma files and when burning to disc you're selecting[or it's selected for you] the "Audio Disc" option which will[unbeknown to you]convert them to .wav[ie expand them back to more or less normal size] for burning to disc.You can't get a quart into a pint pot - unless you burn them as Data so that they'll retain the same file format as on your HDD.Going the data route will indeed allow you to get many CDs on one CDR but it won't play in a domestic CD player[unless like most DVD players it supports MP3]

  gudda96 17:23 06 Jan 2004

I should have been clearer...

I am talking about 3 shop bought cd's.
I used Creator to copy them to HDD
The files are WMA.
If I r/c on each cd(folder)properties, they are 25/25/35MB.

My question is, if they add up to 85MB, why can't they fit on a 750MB cd-r.

To the editor, your point..
Your files, if they truly are 25Mb are certainly not full CDs, so that's the first thing to look at

I have just decided to do that and I have inserted one of the same cd's in my cd-rom/r/c and bingo, it is 530MB and tracks are CDA.

Does that throw any light on subject??

  leo49 18:00 06 Jan 2004

Read what I said again - hard to see how it can be made clearer but I'll have a go.

The wma files on your HDD are HEAVILY COMPRESSED,hence their small size.

When you burn them to CDR as AUDIO they are being UNCOMPRESSED back to their original size.

If you want to get many albums on one CDR, you must burn them as DATA. You won't however be able to play the disc in your domestic hifi,only in your PC.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 19:20 06 Jan 2004

very healily compressed from 530mb to 25mb that's a tight squeeze lol,are u sure you havent just copied tracks of the cd not all the cd?.
You might be able to get 1 and a half cds on 1 cd i say migh depends how you ripped em in the first place but i dont think you will get 3 cds worth on.


  TBH1 13:02 07 Jan 2004

I think that when you copied to HD, creator converted the files to mp3 format - when you copy back to CD as audio, they will revert back to original size thus 3 will not fit onto 1 CD. To copy to CD as mp3 files, you need to copy as data as opposed to audio files.

  Jester2K 13:19 07 Jan 2004

"I have just decided to do that and I have inserted one of the same CDs in my CD-ROM/r/c and bingo, it is 530MB and tracks are CDA. "

That explains everything.

As leo49 and FE have already said..

The WMA files are compressed versions of the Albums. If you burn them back to CD as AUDIO CDs then they uncompress again. So that 25Mb file on your Hard Drive becomes a 530 Mb on the CD.

The ONLY way so far to get more than one album on a CD is to rip the tracks as mp3 and then burn an mp3 data CD. But you need an mp3 capable CD Player to play the CD.

  TBH1 14:00 07 Jan 2004

or a DVD player

  Jester2K 22:04 07 Jan 2004


  gudda96 09:21 08 Jan 2004

Thank you all, I get the picture now, I simply did "copy music" using WMP7.

Sorry I was not quick on the uptake Leo, am not very experienced in this field.

BTW all, I have not been able to log on until today, thats why I am late responding.

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