making a back up

  raggy 2 10:18 23 Jan 2006

Hi guys I have looked on this forum loads and many of you mention making a 'BACK UP', a back up for what and how do you do this and why is it so important

  rawprawn 10:26 23 Jan 2006

You back up your main drive in case of hard disc failure, or some other catastrophic event in which all your important data is lost.Acronis True Image is what I would recomend, it has saved my bacon many times.
You ask why it is so important, the first time all data is lost if you have no backup in place you will realise the enormity of your failure to backup!!
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  bobbybowls 10:35 23 Jan 2006

A back up is for things like documents, photos, music etc that you would not want to loose if something happened to your pc.
Back ups can be copys of this data on another hard drive or burnt onto a cd or dvd.there are programs such as click here that take a image of your data that can be restored by running the program.

  Diemmess 10:49 23 Jan 2006

rawprawn's advice is very sound. An image of your operating system is a safeguard against a foul-up when Windows wont boot or for whatever reason is defunct.
That image must be stored away from the primary HD which if it failed would lose the backup image as well. It should also be remade/updated when everything is going nicely!

BUT if you have letters, pictures, a database, or any work which you cannot afford to lose then this should be regularly copied to another HD and maybe eventually a CD/DVD device of your choice.

A nice little program which automates your favourite stuff for protection is a freebie click here
EZBackitup. This works like windows explorer,but you choose what you want to copy and where to copy it.
Once it has been run you can do it in a few seconds and a couple of clicks. It will only overwrite files that have changed since last time.

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