Making an audiobook CD or DVD ...

  Heefie 17:06 19 May 2008

I have an audiobook that currently consists of 31 individual MP3 files.

What is my best option for merging these files & then burning this to CD or DVD to play on my children's TV/DVD player ?

I realise that I could just copy them as they are & Windows Media Player (for instance) would convert them individually, but I assume I'd then have 30 "jerky gaps" in the story !!! I'd rather merge and/or convert them, so that the story will fit onto 1 disc, whether it be a CD or a DVD.

Presumably, I could put more than 1 book onto a disc if there is space, and the burning software will create a menu, or would I need something specific to do this ?

Thanks in advance ...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:08 19 May 2008

children's TV/DVD player

Does this player play MP3 files most do.

I have several audio books that are numerous MP3 files and play without interruption on Car CD/MP£ players and DVD players.

  Heefie 19:24 19 May 2008

... it's such an old TV, with inbuilt DVD player, that it never crossed my mind that it might play MP3s !!!

I just tested it & it does ... so presumably I just copy all the MP3s to a CD or DVD and away I go ... I'm still a bit concerned that there will be a gap between them, though ... I use CBburnerXP & there's no option for having no gap between files, as far as I can see ...

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