Making an Acronis Image

  woodchip 19:13 09 Dec 2007

With this new HP laptop I am having Problems with Acronis Image. I have made a Image to the External Drive but if I boot with the Acronis Rescue CD it does not show External Drive, It as Split the Image as it is created on a Fat32 File system External Drive. I cannot back this up to DVD as Nero say's that it cannot create a Iso over 2Gb. What Way to go. Not much good if I cannot get at the Image if Drive as Problems. I do not want to have to revert to the HP backup if it go's wrong. I downloaded CDburnerXP Pro but on starting, it threw up a error to send to MS

  woodchip 19:15 09 Dec 2007

Sorry we are talking XP home and Media Player 10.
NERO version 6

So Which way to jump

  Zak 19:21 09 Dec 2007

Did you make the Image using the Acronis rescue disk?

I presume if you did then Acronis would have picked up the external drive.

When you are booting from the Acronis rescue disk is the external drive connected to laptop?

  skidzy 19:25 09 Dec 2007

Woody,do you have the downloaded version of ATI or the cd bought version.
If the cd retail version,try using the cd itself as this becomes the rescue boot disc.

Have you tried Imgburn click here

Its been a while since i used a backup from an external drive,so a little rusty.

  woodchip 19:30 09 Dec 2007

Download Version9

I made the Image in Windows thinking I could burn it to DVD, It created two file but they would fit on a 4.7Gb DVD

  johndrew 19:36 09 Dec 2007

You don`t say if your `new` laptop is XP or Vista. As I understand it ATI V10.0 upwards supports Vista. What OS and version are you using?

I use XP and the following is my experience.

You don`t say whether you are booting into the `Full` or `Safe` version of ATI from the rescue disk. I have always used the Full version but I can`t say whether it would work on `Safe` or not with FAT32 file format. In fact I`m not certain the `Safe` version supports USB even.

When I assembled my external drive I formatted NTFS and used the `Full` version of ATI on boot. I have never (since going to ATI V9.0) had a problem with backing up using this.

Probably your best bet would be to format your external drive to NTFS and work from there.

  johndrew 19:37 09 Dec 2007

Just read your second post.

  woodchip 19:42 09 Dec 2007

That did not work as it does not recognise file format.

Booting into full version I never use safe version.

I use Fat 32 as I can use it on my Win98se computer also. NTFS should see both. This is a New Computer. And as above XP Home

  woodchip 20:08 09 Dec 2007

Just had a Thought, I right clicked on the File in Explorer and chose recover, this started Acronis Recover. But I stoped it as I did not know if it would try to reload or as it's always done for me, ask to restart and load in DOS. If it did I don't think it would see the drive. But if it worked that way it would not be much of a problem as I could load windows HP restore, then load the Image. Any thoughts on this going into DOS

PS USB works in Dos Environment So why does Acronis not pickup the drive. It did on my Medion Laptop when I fitted a bigger Hard Drive. That was also XP Home

  Zak 20:23 09 Dec 2007

I am running Win XP Pro and external drive is FAT32. I have had no problems restoring images and seeing external drive. I do use the Acronis Recovery disk for both image creating and restoring.

Regarding the burning of image on DVD this should be simple by making a copy of the two *.tib files to the DVD from the external drive. Do not burn an ISO - this will corrupt the image if it should be possible.

Here is a free DVD burner you could try if Nero does not work.

FinalBurner FREE

click here

  woodchip 20:34 09 Dec 2007

Well that did't work trying my last post on right click file in Explorer it started but asked to reboot, then could not see the external drive

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