make pages load faster on internet.

  hector 911 00:03 28 Nov 2003

Depending on what you run most on your pc. XP

Why not give Internet Explorer a higher priority
call up task manager, right click on internet,
on "set priority" put it up to "above normal"
DO NOT set to "real time" and give it a try !.

Happy surfing..........

  Djohn 00:59 28 Nov 2003


  GroupFC 08:51 28 Nov 2003

Thank you! - It does seem to work!

  Lozzy 10:05 28 Nov 2003

I have a mental block where is Task Maager located??

  christmascracker 10:14 28 Nov 2003

Right click the task bar, click on task manager

  Lozzy 10:17 28 Nov 2003

Ta muchly

  keenan 10:25 28 Nov 2003

Cheers,appears much quicker.

  plankton 11:04 28 Nov 2003

Thanks a lot!

  rawprawn 11:19 28 Nov 2003

Many thanks

  christmascracker 12:51 28 Nov 2003

Thank you :-)

  Big Elf 12:52 28 Nov 2003


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