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  blooper 08:57 12 Nov 2006

My daughter is DESPERATE to make her own website. She has pages & pages of information ready to go on it!
Her friends are using Piczo but the parental guidance sets a lower age limit of 13 (she's a mature 11) and I'm not particularly impressed with Piczo anyway with the pop ups, etc.
Can anyone recommend an alternative website creation site/tool, etc?
Thank you very much

  PurplePenny 14:05 12 Nov 2006

Can she use word processing software?

If she is familiar with using that kind of software she might be OK with a WYSIWYG web editor. Take a look at Nvu: it iopen source (free). click here

If you don't think that is suitable have a look at your broadband provider's web site: they may give you free web space and provide a web authoring tool.

  kindly 16:07 12 Nov 2006

I use ewisoft. It is a free website builder and has the added feature of an uploading program aswell. You will find it at I dont know if you want a website builder that restricts what your daughter puts onto the site or not. The best sensor is yourself. Anyway take a look at my site. I never had any experience before I used ewisoft, it shows I know, but the program has a lot to offer.

  kindly 16:08 12 Nov 2006

uupps forgot to put web addy on
click here

  Sloper69 20:43 24 Nov 2006

Net office fusions is quite an easy web creation tool to get to grips with and click here produce a web authoring tool aimed at children.

Trndyflash is another easy to use tool for site creation, and if you have it, you can produce web pages with ms Publisher - all they tend to be limited in what they can do.

If you have your own free webspace from your ISP - many offer it - she can create and upload her own pages to that site.

Working in the education field, I doing the latter rather than using a comercially produced site. This will allow you to vet what info/pictures are being uploaded before it is in the public domain. Never allow her to give out her email address, full name, school address, home town name. Keep personal info general and consider carefully what is shown in the photos.

I don't want to worry you, however you should consider carefully all angles.
I suggest checking out click here

  blooper 10:00 26 Nov 2006

thenk you for all your ideas, comments, etc. I have decided that, at 11, she is still too young to have her own website and we will be using the space provided by our own ISP, with her having her own pages.
Thank you again.

  acsmanhtml12 15:12 26 Nov 2006

how about her own blog? click here or click here

  De Marcus™ 22:05 26 Nov 2006

How about her own domain, webspace, email, etc, for free. click here

  kindly 17:30 03 Dec 2006

I will take what you said on board about the size of my photos. you are right about the time it takes some to load up. What size do you think they should be. I dont want to let them become a poor photo. Cheers for the coments though.

  kindly 19:01 03 Dec 2006

I have found a picture resizer that does a canny job for resizing pictures for your web page. "PicSizer" does a good job. So if you are still going to do a web site blooper, try this.

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