rotormota 17:56 05 Mar 2009


I have an HP Pavilion Intel Pentium dual core Win XP MCE PC of a couple of years old. It has 2gb of RAM & 3.2ghz processor. For a dual core it seems surprisingly slow at times & there is much hanging when launching programs for example.

Can I upgrade any internal components to get better performance?


  bremner 18:00 05 Mar 2009

Your spec is such that you should be getting very good performance.

How much hard drive space do you have?

Have you given it a thorough software clean up, Registry, Malware, Defrag?

Do you have unnecessary programs running from start up?

  User-1229748 19:42 05 Mar 2009

give ccleaner a go because as bremner says you should have plenty to run xp.ccleanerclick here

  rotormota 19:49 05 Mar 2009


I have 600gb HD & I do weekly scans, optimising, Registry Cleaner etc. Is CCleaner really any good? I do have it but there were seemingly more questions than answers when results were displayed once before so I abandoned it.

  MAT ALAN 19:58 05 Mar 2009

Is CCleaner really any good?

Bout as good as it gets, running the prog on its default settings will rid you of ALL you do not need,
The only custom setting i use is from the "windows" list when you first open the prog is to untick "windows log files" apart from that it is an asset to any PC home user...

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