Make my HDD go to sleep...

  SDJ 19:12 05 Mar 2003

I have to HDD, a Maxtor 40gb which is my main drive and a Seagate 80gb which I use only for images and DV editing which isnt very often.

I have purchased a Silent Drive but unfortunalty can only have one as I only have the one 5.25 drive bay left. I did read somewhere that there is software that can make HDDs go into sleep mode when not in use and thought this might be a possibility for the Seagate.

Any thoughts on what and where this software might be available?

Cheers all in advance.

  Djohn 19:16 05 Mar 2003

There should be an option for this in your Power settings, found in control panel.

  SDJ 21:10 05 Mar 2003

Sorry been away, yeah I know about that Djohn but was wondering if there is anything out there that will allow me to specify which HDD and from what I can see the contol panel assumes both will be switched off?
Baring in mind I want to use the main HDD and have the other one go into standby/sleep.


  Djohn 21:16 05 Mar 2003

Yes I realise that now! sorry. Don't know of one offhand, but have a strong feeling I have seen mention of this somewhere.

  SDJ 21:23 05 Mar 2003

I have tried search engines but dont know where to start really.

  woodchip 21:25 05 Mar 2003

I think you will find your efforts wasted as when you put a drive to sleep you put all to sleep you cannot as far as I know do it with one drive. Called power saving mode

  Djohn 21:43 05 Mar 2003

woodchip, I think I read somewhere in one of flecc's recent threads, something about putting one of his Hard drives to sleep! I think he used a manual switch though.

I may be wrong on this, and confused it with something else, but will have a look, I don't think it is in his Strewth thread. Regards. J.

  woodchip 21:55 05 Mar 2003

You are right on that one, but it cannot be done with the windows software or Dos it's a crossover switch

  NT Server 21:56 05 Mar 2003

The only way to put your hard disk to sleep. is buy a removable caddy. Then you can just remove your HD when not in use (only when your pc is not in use). May also get over your space problem as the caddy would sit in a bay under your cd rom drive.

  SDJ 22:20 05 Mar 2003

mmmm I cant believe that there isnt something out there, Im not by any means questioning you guys it just seems a perfectly good idea to have a HDD that is sat there dormant to be put into a sleep mode instead of spinning away at 7200rpm.

If windows will put a HDD to sleep in the power settings why cant it recognise that a drive is not in use and that drive can be put into a power saving mode until called upon.

Oh well, I will leave this thread open for a while longer to see if anyone else finds it of interest and has anything to say but thanks all for your help and views.

NT Server, my space problem is that I dont have enough 5.25 drive bays free as if I did I would buy 2x Silent Drive, I have one Silent Drive for my Maxtor and this is in the last 5.25 slot and wanted to suspend my Seagate drive to stop the noise. Cheers again.

  Djohn 22:24 05 Mar 2003

woodchip, many thanks, thought I had seen it somewhere, trust me to get it mixed up though!

Sorry, SDJ for raising your hopes. J.

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