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  steve263000 15:46 06 Jul 2008

I have purchased a new mobile phone,(Samsung E250)and I would like to import some music into it. I have downloaded the Samsung PC studio£ package and it is all there to import files. However I cannot seem to get it to bring files from itunes and I cannot find a way of getting my CD music into MP3.

I know that it must be fairly simple, but what do I need to do to sort it out. I have Audacity, but cannot get to rip the music that I want.

As usual thanks in advance Steve.

  eedcam 16:17 06 Jul 2008

Rip it to.wav files with windows media player then Audacity will handle the wav files .Wmp may even be able to rip to mp3 dont know would never use it.Make sure you have the mp3 plugin for audacity

  Batch 17:22 06 Jul 2008

AFAIK, WMP should rip CDs to mp3 without problem.

The way I put music on my moby (also an E250) was to buy a 2GB micro SD card (which the phone accepts). Formatted the card in the phone (just so that it had the folder structure the phone wanted). Then just put the card into my PC (using the standard SD card adapter that the micto SD card came with), copied the MP3s into the music folder and put the card back in the phone. Job done. And let's face it - if you want music in your phone you'll really need to buy a card anyhow as the standard in phone memory is nowhere near enough.

  steve263000 17:06 10 Jul 2008

Thanks to those that responded, but I managed to find a download that has sorted it out. It is at click here and all you do is put in the CD and rip to whatever format you want. It saves to a file on the computer and you can drop it into your MP3 player or in my case mobile phone from there.
It is very quick and simple and as it most of these things you have the option to purchase the paid for type that is faster. For me the free one is enough, but then I will not be ripping that much.
I hope this helps someone else.

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