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  flobby 10:14 29 Feb 2012

Hi All, I have a compilation of books on my computer in the Mobi format for my Kindle about 2,000 and I would like to make a list in either word or Excel, without having to type all the titles in by hand.I cant copy and paste as it copies the files and not the list.Please Help. Flobby62

  scotty 12:14 29 Feb 2012

Try Paste Special (available under the Edit menu) then select unformatted text.

  lotvic 13:49 29 Feb 2012

I use the completely free Calibre Book Manager (no adaware, no nasties etc) I have Added Books to my Calibre Library and then to make an Excel list of them I do this:

In Calibre click on 'Convert books' -> 'Create catalogue' -> choose CSV and alter the name to what you want for the new csv file -> click Apply, click OK, Select Destination where you want the file to save to and save it.

Now browse to the new.csv file and open it in Excel. All done :)

  lotvic 13:54 29 Feb 2012

More detailed info on thread which details more options for list of books.

  flobby 09:06 01 Mar 2012

Hi and thank you for your input, first Scotty. when I copy the list and then go to paste in excel paste special is greyed out and when in word nothing happen . I am using Office 2007.and Lotvic I have calibre and tried that but the list in calibre is all over the place and when I have completed your operation it seems worst than in calibre. even though I exported my list (Which is in Alphabetical order by Author)to calibre it puts them in wrong. Cheers, Any more help would be appreciated.Flobby

  jaraba 09:58 01 Mar 2012

Might help if you look for a program which will just list the file names.

I had to do a similar list some time ago and used just such a program to get the list.

Sorry can't remember the name but I'm sure someone on here will know of similar programs.

  lotvic 13:31 01 Mar 2012

I think possibly the problem is you are not sorting the list properly in Calibre. You can have them displayed by any of the Column headers just by clicking on the Column Header.

When you have made your Excel Catalog.csv it will be displayed in Calibre list of books. Open it from there and it will open Excel and display them. To sort in the Excel catalog_calibre.csv you use the Excel sort via top toolbar 'Data' 'Sort' and then specify which column header to sort by, Make sure there is a green dot in 'My data has a header row' (that's for Excel 2003 so it may be in diff place for 2007)

Tip: in Excel.csv unformat the cells to Wrap text because if you have all the comments info about the book story content it makes it difficult to see all the rest of stuff. Or you can just click on column letter A, or B, or C etc to select the column and then rightclick and choose 'Column Width and adjust it by typing in - say 55 - which is more reasonable and displays ok. When you want to read the full contents it will all display from top when you click on cell. Have a play with it till you have it how you want.

In Windows Explorer you can also make a copy of of the .csv and save it/change the ext to .xls so it is an ordinary .xls should you want to tweak and print etc etc, whatever you want to do.

Apologies if you already knew all this :)

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