Make a holiday CD/DVD?

  [email protected] 09:59 14 Mar 2008

A friend dropped in with a memory card full of holiday video clips as asked me if I could make a complete thing of it, and I agreed little knowing the problems involved as I have no movie authoring software or experience.
The clips are in MPEG-4 and I have nothing which will accept it. I have converted the clips to WMV (with a huge loss of quality), put together some sort of movie using WinMovieMaker which is now on my desktop as a WMV file. I was hoping to make a SVCD but my version of NERO won't accept that, only VCD (with a further loss of quality I expect).
OK, I am very much in the dark with regard to this never having used a camcorder so can anyone recommend where I make a restart?
Maybe suggest a good software which I can download and use just for a trial period as this is likely to be a "one off".
As always, thanks in advance :-)

  eedcam 11:03 14 Mar 2008

if you convert to avi and then import to WMM you can the export them as dv-avi. WMV has various quality settings perhaps you just used the default Then you could burn to dvd with nero .Alternatly if you just want them as they are then try dvd flick its free
click here
just load them as they are and burn to dvd

  [email protected] 11:05 14 Mar 2008

Thanks eedcam, much obliged ;-)

  Bagsey 15:19 14 Mar 2008

If you are prepared to put in the effort to make a really good slide show with sound track etc, then go for PHOTOSTORY3 for windows. It is a free download from click here
it will do Vcds but you will need a paid for plug in (£12.00)to burn DVD unless you use Nero.

  anchor 16:27 14 Mar 2008

"Super" will convert mp4 to avi. You could then import the avi file into windows movie maker, edit, and combine the clips.

click here

If the original clips were taken on a mobile phone, don`t expect camcorder quality.

You could burn the final version to a DVD with free DVD Flic.

  anchor 15:35 15 Mar 2008

ps; DVDFlic is unreliable if you have Vista.

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