make folder names in windows explorer in colour

  fly 22:16 29 Mar 2009

Is there any software which makes it possible to make folder names in windows explorer differentially coloured?

  Ma6ician 22:51 29 Mar 2009

Hi Fly,I'm not sure if this will help,as you say it's just the folder "Names" ie text you wantto appear differently as is possible on msn etc.However if you are just trying to make folders different rather than the yellow colour, you can change the folder appearance by going to the particular folder:- Right click > scroll to Properties > customize tab > down to change icon > then scroll to a suitable icon of choice, music for example....Sorry if you already know this,as I know its not EXACTLY what you asked.Depends how much you know I guess :-) Ma6ician

  fly 16:04 30 Mar 2009

Thanks for your reply. I should explain: I have about 1500 files of drawings. I decided to re-arrange the layout of the parts (in PaperPort) and wanted to indicate which ones I had edited, as I did not edit them in order. I solved this by making the first word of the file name in capitals. But I now want to indicate which ones I have already printed out. So what I would like to do is make the file name red (say) so that it stands out. I can find no way to do this in XP. Perhaps it is not possible?

  Sea Urchin 16:26 30 Mar 2009

This looks promising, but I have never used it myself - if you scroll down the page it says you can customise the folder colour

click here


  Woolwell 16:57 30 Mar 2009

In Vista I would tag those files that I had edited and those that I printed. Tags are nor normally available in XP. This program click here claims to do it. I haven't tried it myself.

  fly 09:32 04 Apr 2009

Thanks to you guys for your suggestions. I downloaded the file mentioned by Sea Urchin, it was so complicated to operate that I went for the simplest option, and for those files that I have printed I added a capital P at the end of the file name before the .pdf. Quick and easy! Funny how Microsoft add a vast number of facilities to their software, but never the one wants?

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