Majr problem with spyware

  allonblack21 12:41 16 Mar 2005

Ok, i seem to have a problem on my pc with spyware. In the first case when i open up IE i have a toolbar which was'nt there before and the start page is now "mystartnow"dot com. Ive Updated and ran Microsofts anti spyware, Adaware and spybot and im still having a problem, also, i get popups from "searchmiracle" and these seem to come up every minute or so. Again, none of what i have tried has worked. Can anybody help me with this as its really annoying

  REDYELBLU 13:47 16 Mar 2005

I had a similar problem with my Pc. I took it to a small PC builder in Maidstone and he sorted it for me. Cost £35 but was money well spent as it breathed extra speed in to the PC. Cleaned up lots of rubbish, did not loose any data, and no more pop ups. He told me to Run Antuvirus, Spybot and AD-Aware every week. My probs had started when I up graded to Broadband and I forgot to switch the Microsoft firewall back on!

  allonblack21 14:02 16 Mar 2005

I tried the microsoft anti spyware scan again, this time doing a full scan and it seems to have cleared it. In general i do Run all the scans on a weekly basis, but i found out that somebody had downloaded Messanger Plus, which is RAMMED with spyware. It seems to be clear now, just going to get a friend to have a look later.

  byfordr 14:09 16 Mar 2005

worth running some form of cleaner before scanning this takes out a fair few that are lurking in temp folders

click here c cleaner
click here clean up click here spider

click here CWShredder and Hijackthis

Try these to stop it getting on in the first pace. Also use the immunise function from spybot.

click here start page guard – click here spyware blaster

click here the cleaner – free trial,
click here pest patrol – free trial

also would recommend click here spysweeper. Finds and removes a lot of scumware. Also realtime monitoring function that will stop the buggers getting on in the first place. Try the free online scan. About £13 from Ebuyer.


  Completealias 14:23 16 Mar 2005

Clean out all your temp files first either by using disk cleanup or one of the programs posted above. If you use ccleaner thou just stick to the windows tab.

Once you have done that run a full scan with any anti-spyware progs you have and let them clean anything they find.

Once you have done that well worth running a full anti virus scan as well.

I clean out my temp file every couple of days in all the user accounts on my pc and run a full scan with avast, microsoft anti spyware and ad-aware once a week.

This seems to keep my pc in pretty good shape

  Noldi 16:43 16 Mar 2005

I am running XP I had to run the windows anti spyware on all users several times or it came back on re boot.

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