Major problems upon move!

  Wahoo 19:44 19 Nov 2007

I've asked many people this question and no one seems to know, so would be grateful if anyone can figure this mystery out.

I get my internet through wireless router in the room next to mine, been perfect for the past 2 years. Ive had to move the PC downstairs now and I've got problems. My IP sometimes comes up as and when i try to repair it, it crashes on renewing IP address so I'm unable to access anything. When I'm able to get a connection it is very weak and runs at 5-15 mbps then when someone in the house runs an online game it freezes and crashes so i can only use the internet explorer. All my drivers are up to date so i don't have a clue.

It must be something to do with my computer as my brother has a laptop and he can get connected perfectly in the same room as my PC is now.

Thanks for help

  recap 20:44 19 Nov 2007

The IP setting should be set to 'obtain an IP address automatically'. These setting will come from your ISP's DHCP server and are dynamic IP settings. So there should not be IP address, they are normally shaded out.

  Wahoo 21:06 19 Nov 2007

It is already on automatic

  Wahoo 23:25 19 Nov 2007

well ive sorted out the problem of the IP address but now the signal strength is terrible and i keep loosimg connection, how can i fix this without moving my modem/router?

  TomLinny 15:19 20 Nov 2007

sounds like the range in your brother laptop is better than your pc. Either upgrade your wireless card in your pc to one with better range. Or get a range expander to carry the wireless signal further.

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