Major problems with Speedtouch modem

  Rhuddlan 15:21 06 Aug 2005

A mate of mine has Wanadoo BB with a Thomson speedtouch modem 330 which has a USB connection. Since last nite both lights are off, the USB connection has been re connected many times but still no lights come on the modem, on either USB or ADSL! Wanadoo have been useless on the phone as always! Will suggest to her to have a look in device manager, any other suggestions? One of the lights (she can't remember which one) was flashing red before both lights went out, greatful for any suggestions, thanks.

  dewskit 15:29 06 Aug 2005

Could try disconnecting the modem USB plug from the computer. Shutting down computer and restarting from cold, then, then only when a desktop is obtained, plugging in the USB modem connection again.

Otherwise, is the USB modem the only USB peripheral plugged into that hub? The old Alcatel/Thomson USB modems pull all the power a single hub can provide.

  Taff36 15:31 06 Aug 2005

The Speedtouch has a diagnostic facility if she can connect it to the USB port. Double-click the SpeedTouch™ Status icon in the status area to open the Speed-Touch™ Diagnostics window.
Note You can also access the SpeedTouch™ Diagnostics via Start > (All) Programs
> SpeedTouch™ USB > SpeedTouch™ USB Diagnostics.

The manual is here click here(en).pdf if you want to read it yourself.

Has she tried a different USB port?

  woodchip 15:31 06 Aug 2005

Is the USB working. If it's in a unpowerd Hub, Put it strait into the Computer, not in the Hub as it may not supply enough amps

  Rhuddlan 15:39 06 Aug 2005

Why is everyone talking about a hub, she hasn't got one. The only other device with a USB connections is her printer and that work's fine, nothing is listed in device manager. Have disconnected the modem, swithced the comp off and put it back on, but still no lights appear. Any other ideas? and wot happens if she needs a new one? how much will Wanadoo charge her?

  Taff36 15:44 06 Aug 2005

If it`s part of her package they`ll replace it particularly if it`s less than 12 months old. Try swapping over the printer and Speedtouch modem USB`s - can she still print? Can she get to the diagnostics I suggested?

  palinka 15:45 06 Aug 2005

I used to have a speedtouch 330 and I had problems all the time. Mine came "free" with my BB package from Pipex.I imagine you acquired yours similarly from Wanadoo. First problem was getting the filters in the right places - trial and error really, but I understand from others that it's not unknown for one or more filters to be faulty.
Also I often found that when I connected in the morning (my pc is switched off at night) I could only get a connection on the speedtouch by unplugging from the filter nearest the pc and then plugging in again; after that it was usually OK. I had occasional disconnections too.

Eventually solved it by buying a new modem! I wanted to use the same BB connection on my laptop as well as the desktop, so I bought a modem/router and have had no further problems (I'm still with Pipex).

Modems are quite cheap, but if you don't want to try getting the sppedtouch to work here are some of the things that I did that improved things(tho , as I say, the solution was anew modem):

Make sure you have a filter on EVERY phone point in your house - even those that are not in use and it doesn't matter whether it was installed by BT or whether you've run an extra length of wiring round the skirting borad yourself and screwed a socket to the wall - they ALL need filters. You may need to buy an extra filter or two (Dixons have them) or maybe you know someone who has a spare one. They're all alike - it doesn't have to be a special speedtouch filter.

My initial installation problem began because my incoming phone line is divided between two sockets, AND one of those is divided again! As a result I eventually realised that one of my lines (the one going to the pc) was filtered twice. Difficult to describe in detail, and everyone's set-up is different, but take a careful look at yours and work out exactly what is filtered.

Eventually you need to arrive at a situation where there are 2 steady green lights. But in my case I never had a totally reliable connection even when I got 2 green lights, so I would advise that you check out along the lines I've suggested and if there's still no joy go and buy a different modem. My current one is from BT, but I'm sure others are just as good.

  Rhuddlan 15:48 06 Aug 2005

Hi Taff36, nos he couldn't do what you suggested. Tried swapping printer and modem, no joy though, printer works fine in both. Thanks for the help so far, I think the modem is more than 12 months old now, any idea on any prices they charge?

  Taff36 16:19 06 Aug 2005

I think from Palinka`s post you avoid Speedtouch! I suggest you look in the local stores and get one yourself. For example and I don`t know if it`s any good click here

  Hamish 16:22 06 Aug 2005

Thomson speedtouch modem 330 - Look in Ebay.

  Taff36 16:33 06 Aug 2005

Look at this click here and read a few reviews then google for prices. See What Wanadoo offers as well. I`ve looked on their site but because I`m not a member I can`t access any info.

If she`s over 12 months her minimum contract has expired anyway. My girlfriend uses click here and they are brilliant. Compare prices with Wanadoo because this lot are cheaper, offer more including free modems that work! You can transfer her account for free with a one off £11.75 payment to avoid another 12 month contract. Follow their links for the cost calculator.

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